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    What systems do you use to plan projects, manage workflow and track time?

    Project Planning Systems Is it weird that I've simply used a weekly hand written paper list only for my entire 14 year career? It just works well so I don't feel I need anything any more complex than that. Amanda

    Getting started in the illustration industry

    Illustration agencies are only interested in talent, they don't care about your qualifications. To gain entry to an agency you will have to be an exceptionally skilled illustrator with a unique and interesting style. They only accept the very best. I manage to acquire work as an illustrator by...

    Buying Print? - Why prices vary

    It's easier for those of us selling that printing to our clients for the pricing to not keep changing on us. IE we don't want to have to recheck the price every single time we quote a client, it's just making it all the more labourious to have to do that constantly. All pricing should be...

    Feedback Appreciated

    I think you've done a very good job of that. Mainly because you've had to fit in that extra logo and to me that sounded like it was going to be a nightmare to make it work, but you've managed it and it doesn't even look particularly cluttered, which is what I feel was the challenge here over and...

    Signs you're a bad designer

    Possibly because it was written 5 years ago? Hard to be relevant and accurate with an article that is so old now. Personally I'd agree with most of it still really. I remember reading this when it was first written! Gettin' old... Amanda

    Ten Myths About Graphic Designers

    Hey guys, I think you'll enjoy the article I just wrote :) 10 Grahic Designer Myths - That are secretly true. Amanda

    Freelancing....Need Advice!

    When I started 11 years ago I got a regular flow of project work by driving traffic to my website using a combination of seo, online networking and social media. I still do that now to drive new business. It's one way of doing it, but it does very much work. If you decide to do it that way...

    Logo Inspiration advice/suggestions please.

    Create something MUCH MUCH more simple is my advice. These are too busy, too many shapes and patterns and colours. They aren't suitable for a brand identity. Google 'tattoo logo' and 'dj logo' in Google images and this will help drive inspiration (obviously don't copy) but it will show you...

    First critique...

    I don't feel you can brand a business that has two completely different unrelated services under the same umbrella brand - indeed marketing them together will also be problematic and far less effective because the target market for each will be completely different. It will be a marketing...

    Movie image rights

    I would think that your friend must surely know where to access movie photos from for marketing use? They must have accessed them before for various reasons in the past. They might have free access to photos that you cannot gain access to at any sort of reasonable price simply because you don't...

    Looking for free advertisement services for printing inks

    In my experience (11 years), advertising your business on business directories, even those with ratings, will do next to nothing to bring in new customers. As you are retailer and looking to make sales from a website, you need to be focusing on search engine optimisation to drive traffic to...

    1000 designs required from 8-10 designers

    If you're still looking for designers you can view my portfolio of various works at Logo design, web design, print design and vector illustration services.. If you like what you see and would like to see more poster examples specifically, get in touch and I can email you further samples of...


    I think we need to think about more than just 'this year' when it comes to logo design colours though of course don't we :) It needs to stand the test of time for a good ten years at least so I'd just think about the sort of image you want to project and who your target market is. Small...

    Adobe certified expert...

    I concur. Your portfolio speaks for you, you don't need certification. Amanda

    Top 25 SEO Myths You Should Know Before Optimizing Your Website

    Near anyone with half a brain can do seo and achieve good results. It's not that difficult once you learn the main basics. Here is a DIY guide that I direct all my clients to; DIY Search Engine Optimisation. It's not 'just' about great content no, if only it were :'( Life would be so much...