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    What does 1 Trillion Dollars look like?

    The sad truth is, it does not actualy exist. Like all debt there is hardly anything to back it up!
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    CS4 Consensus

    I might upgrade my flash to cs4 but as for the rest they are fine as they are - im not a big fan of too many gradients etc as it is. The new service in dreamweaver would of been good but adobe hosting it themself etc.. nah.
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    Adobe Photoshop resources

    Very handy list of tutorials, thank you! I think i will start to work through them when i have everything else done :icon_rolleyes: I think the "You suck at photoshop" is a great set of tutorials.
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    1 Man Blog Sells for $15 Million Dollars!

    I hear financial adwords went for £50 a pop at one time, and maybe still do on some keywords. So i would not be suprised of a blog being sold at such a price.