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    Just browsing for games when...

    Ooo sorry I'll have to find it when I get home
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    27" imac sloooooow, graphics?

    I loved that machine, I only sold it a few years ago due to space and when I found I could get a decent copy of sensible world of soccer on pc and xbox.
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    27" imac sloooooow, graphics?

    Haha I don't think it would even boot up with 512mb... I remember getting an extra 1mb ram for my amiga 500 and thinking it was the bomb! Have you got extra ram or just the same spec? I do have 6music streaming constantly so that might have something to do with it if your's is fine.
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    27" imac sloooooow, graphics?

    New ram it is then! The imac has 4gb of ram, the graphics card in the imac has 512mb ram I think your getting them mixed up.
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    Just browsing for games when...

    The Deus Ex one looks quite good too
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    Just browsing for games when...

    Yeh I saw this a while back it's awesome really well put together for a game trailer. Not in game footage obviously so the game could be pants
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    Convert from .swf to .gif

    Ridwan_sugi speaks the truth I did the same thing with with sony vegas to some animation clips I wanted to upload to my portfolio and they were only a few meg and I couldn't really tell the difference.
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    Why has Illustrator CS4 made these decisions when rounding corners?

    Just a random tip, if you want to join 2 points into one press cmd+alt+shift+j (on mac dunno about pc) they have to be open paths. The average command doesn't actually join them just sticks them on top of each other
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    I HATE my design job...

    He might have a unusual way of teaching and is actually teaching you in reverse so if you do the opposite of his designs and do the opposite of his teachings you will learn great design
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    I HATE my design job...

    Holy crap! That's hideous! Get out now! I would seriously think about getting some legal advice. You might be able to make some demands and if he doesn't comply get some compensation or at least make sure no one else ends up in the same boat as you.
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    Learning Maya

    The Gnomon stuff is excellent that's for high end stuff but I think they do a basic one too The Gnomon Workshop - Tutorials for visual effects artists, concept designers, sculptors and comic book illustrators and traditional artists using Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Painter as well as...
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    Invention and Design animation for product

    If the logo is quite simple you can just get the same font (if it is font based) and write it in the 3d program and it'll extrude it for you (that's how it works in softimage anyway) If you do build the logo in 3D and only for this one job I would avoid 3Ds max it's pretty pricey £3000. Maya...
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    logo design critique please

    Hmm I preferred your sketches where the db was written with a continuous line, the 'Os' in the db seem a bit odd to me or is that just me?
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    Homebrew Beer Labels for Glasgow Beer Festival

    Portal! Sorry just noticed that on the next page
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    Printing JPG?

    It's not CAMRA is it? They do the same