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    Windows 7 Pre-Order

    Snow Leopard will do me fine. ;)
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    Need to be able to get emails @ work @ home and on Iphone

    easy peasy. find your incoming server name (normally, your outgoing server name (normally, get your username, your password, and your website address (, and enter them into the mail clients.
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    thanks for the tip Kreatif. will check that out myself.
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    New Site Design

    ^ prime example of babbling on a portfolio website :P lovely website, great feel, but alignments are way off on the three columns. don't just add text because you can, ask yourself what value it adds and whether it has a negative or positive effect. does it make you want to read it when you see...
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    LOGO! (In Progress)

    it feels a little dated if i'm honest. i'm not too confident on the person having semi-circle legs/arms, what is it representing? change the font face to a bit more smooth font and you're much further ahead though (Y) plus i'd look at adjusting the green/blue difference, i don't feel they...
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    How do you keep going?

    It took me a good 12 months to get noticed. It's all about word of mouth. One successful project could result in three interested clients. My first project created about 250 hits to my site a day just from saying "website by x", plus the owners of the company were chuffed and went around...
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    New Portfolio Website

    love the white space but maybe a little too much of a margin between sections. i think the fact there's a LOT of white space doesn't help convey the fact that you're a good designer, it just feels like an empty, unfinished portfolio to the untrained eye. also, instead of clicking the...
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    Humm, if I'm honest I'd say you'd be looking at a minimum of a 15" Mac for those apps. You don't wanna feel squeezed in with Flash, PS and AI, and it's always good to have a wide screen to edit code. But if that's out of your price range (£1299 onwards), go for a Mac Mini for £500 and buy a 20"...
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    I can't say "go for a Mac" when I'm not sure exactly what you need from your computer. Your best decision would be to go into your local Apple store and talk about your needs to them. They will assess it and if necessary, recommend you to PC World or similar, but if you need a Mac they'll tell...
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    SEO Advice

    i think that sounds incredibly reasonable. take off the price tag and look at the quality before you judge it.
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    Potential? You tell me!

    i'd think about refining the type-face and brightening up the colours. you're on the right lines :icon_smile: as for the business card i don't feel those fonts necessarily mix well, so 2 maximum in my opinion :icon_smile:
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    So called "designers"

    forget just about printing-wise. these days anyone with Dreamweaver and a Google Image Search thinks they can charge for websites! i'm not kidding, the amount of times i've lost tenders because other "designers" are undercutting me is pathetic. had a talk about this on another forum, where we...
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    Ad Words

    if anything go for facebook ads. you only pay for clicks you get, no bullshit. but tbh, if you want to be noticed further than someone searching for your name, improve your content. code correctly and semantically, make sure you don't repeat yourself on the pages, have links at the bottom of...
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    My first finished website - critique welcomed!

    no the pink is fine, and the gradients are good, i just believe abetter shade of gradient would look better IMO.
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    Another Critique please!

    i quite like it, but am a bit stumped by two things: - the nice white space turns grungy at the bottom...? - at the bottom of the page it says "these are the social networks i'm part of" and then gives a link to your RSS feed! Regarding the first point, your white space is nice, but I think...