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    What is everybody's obsession with homepage slidehows?

    I hate them! (even though I have one on my site) I think people want them just because everyone else has them so they think that is the thing to do. I will get rid of mine when I finally build up the courage. And if I ever do do another, what Edge ^ says above, use an ajax call to load...
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    Web hosting - with client access to their own database / control panel?

    Well most hosts will do reseller accounts where you can set up separate cPanels for each client. But I'm guessing you want the competitions based off one site where you have different clients? You could build a simple front end to the db for each client that just lists the data and have delete...
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    Web hosting - with client access to their own database / control panel?

    They'd also be able to get up to all sorts of other mischief with cPanel access like installing software, deleting database tables, deleting databases, deleting their own website ( I wouldn't put it past them). But I guess it depends on how much experience they have. MODX cloud hosting gives...
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    Web hosting - with client access to their own database / control panel?

    cPanel for each client sounds like overkill to me. Won't they just want to download a list of people who sign up to their competitions, or is there more to it than that? Mike
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    An external file can be included on any page so is better than embedding the same code on every page. It saves repetition and file size. It makes sense, yes like css files. Javascript that goes on the page should just be specific to that page. If you have javascript include files in the header...
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    E-commerce that does this?

    It would be possible to custom code the image uploading and viewing part in MODx and use Foxycart for the ecommerce side.
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    contact forms & captcha?

    Yes it's possible in modx to use techniques other than captcha. Look at extras Formit or SPForm.
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    Elastic columns

    I'd say min and max widths do have their place if you want your site to be responsive. Remember more and more people are accessing sites with tablets and phones as well as desktops. If you want a site to be user friendly across as many devices as possible you need to look into css media queries...
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    There is a new ecommerce plugin for modx, but I must admit I've not used it, so can't vouch for how good it is, or how easy it is to implement.
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    Is there a point to responsive web site designs?

    I wrote a blog article about using Flexibility which is a plugin for MODx that uses Zurb's Foundation (3.2)
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    Break points

    If by break points you mean css media query rules, yes I think so, though I have not done it. It would have to be just a series of floated, equal width elements that stack into columns as the page narrows. It would limit the possibilities you have on the page design/layout though. It begs the...
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    bastardising wordpress sites?

    Also, if you run into any difficulties, the people on the MODx forums are very helpful.
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    bastardising wordpress sites?

    Good for you :-) It's well worth letting people (like bigdave's employer) know that MODx makes it really easy to change designs without getting bogged down in php.
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    bastardising wordpress sites?

    You might look at other content management systems that separate the layout from the programming language. My vote would go to MODx
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    Logo Suggestions wanted

    What do you think of these?