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    1 Man Blog Sells for $15 Million Dollars!

    hmmm I expect it is just as easy as writing a best selling book. Only difference is you don't have a publisher telling you that your blog is rubbish or great.
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    XXX Web Designer Wanted

    laura Hi Laura Though we don't have any experience in the adult industry we have exceptional design and experience. One of our main goals is to keep away from the done to death templated looks. A few examples below: Delicious Catering BCFM » home SEO Gold Rush Many more at...
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    What's the best file format?

    This is the worse format IMO A logo should be a vector where possible = PDF, EPS, etc If pixel format then GIF is best for flat colours and PNG is best for gradients. Jpgs just leave artefacts all over and can't be enlarged. However people are used to using JPGs as photos and are one of the...
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    Great Design Agencies - Non Format

    Yes - but in a good way :icon_smile:
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    TFM Website

    Centres for me. Great work mate!
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    Great Design Agencies - Non Format

    Nice. Did they influence your branding? We are working on a project at the moment which uses a similar blocky font construction. We are going for an abstract typeface - What do you think? The concern is the first letter isn't clear enough. Can you read it:
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    Do you think this identity design is worth £600,000?

    I agree with DOT. It's not just about athestics - there is so much more to consider when taking on a project like this. The way Barclays would have valued it is how much will the right brand make them and how much will the wrong brand cost them. I'm going to put the PR tin foil hat on...
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    Need some opinions ;)

    Whats the font BTW?
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    Need some opinions ;)

    I like it: The type is perfect but the sound waves are too thin. Also is that a vinyl deck or a CD deck - If vinyl it could do with a stylus or something. Nice work!
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    Where to find image?

    The problem is they're so rare down here so they might as well be fake as we wouldn't know. Do you see what I mean? How would we know if they are real? Saying that I managed a gallery before starting my business and we had a raft of fake £20s - so fake it was unreal. I tried so hard to educate...
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    Web Site Graphic Designer wanted for paid per project work

    Do you mean employ or commission? Are you looking for some one to join your team or a company to compliment it externally? If the latter then we are your guys! Please give me a shout to discuss what you need. Dan
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    1 Man Blog Sells for $15 Million Dollars!

    I imagine that a bankrate would have bought this to capitalise on its following and direct the following to them. I may be wrong but surely any following that this blog would have would know that it has been bought and move on? Dan
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    Cartoon character design required for my website

    As VLAHAKISA said, We can offer this but not reeeeally cheap. Feel free to PM me with more details and we can work out a price.
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    Looking for great web designers!

    Hi Laura We are a small agency based in Bristol. Me, a graphic designer with two programmers and a PR guy. Also some freelancers we use occasionally. The majority of the work we do is for other agencies or 3rd parties that need to outsource. We can offer design; design and build; or...
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    What's the best file format?

    Why not supply an illustrator PDF? You have all the benefits of a PDF (IE can be used in most programs) but with the extra that it can be dropped back into Illustrator as an .AI - Supplied along with a JPEG so they can use in word. I normally send a pack with PDFs of all types - logo, logo in...