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    First Client being difficult

    As above, just give her what she wants. You know you have done a good job. Give the client want they want but offer other concepts as suggestions. As paul suggests put the better concepts in your portfolio. Alternatively work them up further to where you would like them. I would also say for...
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    Portfolio template creation

    Graphic burger should pretty much cover it off. These guys are pretty similar but might have a few different samples. Premium & Free Design and Web Resources | Pixeden Otherwise google PSD mock ups! some come free others are pretty cheap but should pretty much give you what you need.
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    A great Video about Logo Design

    Thanks for sharing, great video. Just looked that book up on amazon, cheapest was £240.
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    Logo Advice

    Thanks CLBH, overlooked that. Another classic example is the fedex logo. The arrow that exists within the negative space of the 'E' and the 'X'
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    IT Flyer Feedback

    Hi Ric, Overall compostion works. Think your spacing is ok too good use of colour The 'Your vision | Our Expertise' looks like it could benefit from a slightly weightier font. Maybe a medium? I like to choose a typeface that has a lot of variations in weight and style. Is the opening...
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    Logo Advice

    Hi Stumpy, Personally I really don't think this works. The green pulse that represents the 'N' is distracting, as a mark it is clashing the space within the type. I also think having it cramped into a circle cutting the edges off the text really makes it feel claustrophobic. I identify with...
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    graphic tablet advice

    Hi Tammy, Would have to agree with Wardy and PriyeshDesign. Wacom are perceived to be the market leaders. There are alternative brands out there but to be honest I immediately went wacom when making a decision to buy one. The Intuos Pro medium is one I bought last year and really enjoy using...
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    Old dog questioning where to go next

    Not a problem happy to share what I do know on the subject. Personally haven't tried vitamin. But I may consider giving them and a call and try to arrange a meeting if they think they can get me work based on my folio. The two agencies I have had the most success with thus far is NAKAMA...
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    Pressure of Uni

    Alright mate, It can be a tough time studying at uni. I studied Product Design. I loved it and the subject but I had many times where I was unsure if I had made the right choice or not. It can seem that others breeze through it and some really have to graft to achieve. We all have strengths...
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    Old dog questioning where to go next

    Hi, I have spent 11 years of my 16 in one company, who specialised in a specific printed product. I worked my way up up from a designer to 'studio manager'. So When I finally moved on I felt I had a very specific portfolio and skillset. Coming from a small company background myself I relate to...
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    This chair or that?

    Hi Big McCann, I had one exactly the same as the 'Office swivel desk chairs' it developed a fault quite quickly. This was around the part of the chair where you can tilt it back. So there was a lot of movement, the chair itself as in the fabric and the arms etc where fine. This was my...