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    Free Domain and Web Hosting

    Unsure how successful you'll be in getting this kind of thing. It certainly won't look very professional. You get what you pay for etc, I've someone recommend Find the right domain for your website – 1&1 to me, unsure how good they are. But worth a look anyways.
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    Dissertation advice needed please!!!

    It's an interesting idea. I'd say it started out as a literary genre, but has grown. It's worth looking into steampunk in comics, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman's been mentioned, some fun ideas in there (the design for the Nautilis for example). Aetheric Mechanics is a short written by...
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    What effects is this image using?

    Wardy wins. :icon_clapping:
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    Would agree with Edge about the grey background, but other than that, very nice work.
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    Lounge bar logo design

    Bit of a vague request on their part. Really should be giving at least something to go on. Good luck.
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    Hello! Can I make money doing this?

    Travis, great stuff, definitely potential for some work in comics. Best bet is to put together a portfolio that you can take to cons and show off. I'd recommend branching out (or not in this case) and try some more grounded, realistic stuff. this would show that you have range. Another good...
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    New way to doodle!

    Oooooh, very nice!