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    MERCTECHNIX logo design critique needed

    I like number 6, clean and to the point. You certainly get a 'motor' feel, think it's because it reminds me a little of toyota's MR2 logotype.
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    Evolve Gamer Crtique

    Brilliant! Great logo, other deisgners at work think so too :D
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    Evolve Gamer Crtique

    One suggestion, align the '.com' to the baseline of evolve gamer,it just looks like it's floating a bit. Otherwise, really like it a lot!
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    18 year old student would like some portfolio comments pleasee

    Love both examples, I love the fact you don't have a 'style' so many people fall into the 'style' bracket where every piece looks the same! One bit of advice I was given was to use a design grid and to align elements to each other, no matter how 'random' the design is, it always looks well...