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    Could do with some opinions?

    I agree, it's important you get a web presence. However, don't just throw things together in a rush just to get something online. Take time to consider your online 'brand' and make sure the work and website is of a good enough quality to improve your chances of attracting new clients.
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    Saving to EPS in Photoshop

    It has nothing to do with the amount of layers you're using - it's because the document is 5m wide. The added advantage of using Illustrator is that signage can be produced at 25% and then scaled up by the printer.
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    Saving to EPS in Photoshop

    Hi, The artwork will be perfectly fine created in Photoshop but you'll know for future, that EPS artwork should be created in Illustrator. Rasterising/outlining the text in Photoshop just means that you don't need to supply fonts when sending the artwork to a printer. You still won't be able...
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    Saving to EPS in Photoshop

    You should be creating EPS artwork for outdoor signage in Adobe Illustrator (not Photoshop). Not only will the file size be much smaller but you'll also be able to scale vector to any size - Photoshop produces raster artwork which can't be scaled to any size.
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    Business Banking

    I use Santander for my business banking and they're great as long as you never have to call them (i've sometimes been on hold for 20 mins)
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    BBC Sport Re-design.

    I hate the BBC Sport website - the football page is something I look at throughout the day (it was the home page on my browser) and the new colour scheme is awful. I dislike the squashed page layout and small details like the league table and fixtures suddenly being more important than the...
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    identify the font in this logo?

    No problem - i think you're letter looks like a condensed version of the font (although I don't think Claremont comes in a condensed weight) Thanks Scott
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    identify the font in this logo?

    It's very close to Claremont: Claremontâ„¢ - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts
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    Experienced designers and web developers needed

    Cheers Kate - that's great
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    Experienced designers and web developers needed

    I'm a creative director and I've run my own design company in Kent for the past 7 years. My company has recently partnered with an international media buying agency who have exciting expansion plans for 2012. My company will now be responsible for all of the creative output of the agency and...
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    Branding Tender fears

    If you won't be getting a chance to present the work in person, then I'd definitely write some text to accompany the presentation. It doesn't have to be 'poncey' but it will at least explain your thinking behind the logos. It's going to be tough with other larger agencies competing for the...
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    Text size - when is 9pt appropriate?

    I think 9pt is too small to comfortably read for body text throughout a brochure. While there are no hard and fast rules, if you compared 5 brochures designed by other design companies, I doubt if any would ever use 9pt for the body text (I would have thought most of them use 11-12pt). I think...
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    PSD file... should I keep, hold or give it away?

    If you didn't have an agreement or contract in place with the client before you started the work stating there'd be a release fee for artwork files, then I'd hand them over. If you don't hand over the PSD, then there's a good chance the client will never work with you again. As a rule for...
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    Struggling for clients/worried about advertising

    Personally I'd invest the money in online advertising (Google Adwords or targeted Facebook ads) rather than local press advertising. I feel you'd have more chance in specific targeted online messaging rather than running a press advert in the hope that a potential client spots it and then visits...
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    WTC Memorial Font?

    Zapf Humanist or Optima would be the job: Zapf Humanist 601 - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts