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    Possible project

    Hi, I hope it is OK to post this on here, if not feel free to moderate. I have a potential job coming up that I need a price on from a freelancer or other designer. If you are interested, please email me with a price or any questions you may have. A4 Book, 196 pages...
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    Pantone Reflex Blue

    You mean... you have felt the weight of dozens of baseboard artworks required to print a brochure you remember transparencies you can use a scalpel you remember fondly the smell of spraymount you remember when 4 colour process was more expensive than spot colour work ... I could go on!
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    Pantone Reflex Blue

    Blimey... you are a rarity in the design world :icon_lol: Reflex Blue is a nightmare.. as you mention... the CMYK breakdowns can even vary between pantone books (we had an example of this last week). Besides... the 2 values mentioned at the beginning of the thread are so small that most...
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    Printing flyer basics, question? thx.....

    Wise words Craig. Indeed, sounds so simple that most printers wouldn't charge much (if anything) extra for it. The other option is to get an old version of Corel which is simple to use, and once finished publish to pdf for the printer.
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    Printing onto canvas

    Yes - us.......
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    VAT on printed items

    I agree - but they would be very stupid not to pay it to HMRC. You dont mess with them! Besides... the companies that are VAT registered only claim it back. The only people that would lose out are those that are not. In fact the HMRC could be making on the deal if everyone is paying it.
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    A Free Canvas 10x8" on wooden frame

    Hi To celebrate the fact that we can now produce canvas in house, we are giving away 1 free canvas 10x8" mounted on a wooden frame with every order for print over £50 received until the end of July 09. The print order could be anything from Posters, Business Cards or stationery to...
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    blotchy grey print

    What he said! Percentages of black are a nightmare. Too late for this occassion, but what I always advise my clients (and many still ignore the advice) is to get us (the print provider) involved as early as possible in the design stage. Get the first designs shown to the printer before the...
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    VAT on printed items

    It is a tricky area - and many printers just charge VAT across the board to make sure. This isn't a problem if you are dealing with VAT registered companies as it has no effect (except perhaps on cashflow). We always try to charge it out correctly where applicable.
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    Putting designers out of business

    A bit like the many companies who use the MS clip art in their logos... amatuer.
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    Any other good graphic design software packages?

    Also, anything that can create a hi-res pdf will suffice as far as a printer is concerned.
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    Any other good graphic design software packages?

    Always worth looking at the previous version of software. You will find bargains to be had, esp for things like Corel - Corel 11 is great and can be found at very low prices, the later versions might have more "bells and whistles" but the chances of you needing them are slim.
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    Pantone Metallic colours

    How bizarre - will get it checked out! I, or one of my team will be in touch.
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    Pantone Metallic colours

    Pantone metallics are great, and used in the correct manner will look stunning (if you use a great print supplier like us!). The cost can be slighly higher than standard colours. Suggestions for the best use include.... Use a coated board, always insist on a sealer varnish if using solid areas...
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    What's the best file format?

    From a print point of view... an EPS is the best if it is to be used in lots of different ways (perhaps accompanied by a CMYK tiff) if it is going straight to print with no adjustments then a high res pdf is best. Im sure jpg would be better for web, but thats not my area of expertise.