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    invoicing software?

    Gareth - I believe this is a monthly payment program is that right. I too use billings, which was a one off payment of £40 and thats it. No importing of bank statements that I know of, but it does reporting on clients and also can do time coating on projects. Its a hassle to do, but most...
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    Positive and negative colours

    If you were using Illustrator, you could create global colours and try them instantly across the whole map. I could see blue and orange working though
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    Book recommendations for Christmas

    Funnily enough I have that - But not ready yet. Well had a skim through on holiday. Due to the book layout, I imagine it would be a quick book to read
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    Book recommendations for Christmas

    Anyone got any good GD based books recently that would be worth requesting for Crimbo presents. Books I've had before are los logos 4, smile in the mind, problem solved, logo Anything along those kinda lines.
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    Font legal issue help needed

    Makes you wonder if they have tried elsewhere ;)
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    The Apprentice

    Not sure who the team where that they were pitching to, But there wasnt a straight face in the room. Was embarrassing to watch. I liked the, wife does the cleaning while the bloke sits on his ass vid - how to appeal to your ladies hahahaa
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    The Apprentice

    Yeah Iheard them say Lowe - bet they proud of that. Theres a portfolio piece right there!!
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    How to do this!!!!!!!!?????

    Yeah there are a few ways. Layer masks is another, or using the blending modes of layers as well.
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    The Apprentice

    I can imagine its just thrown together, but it certainly gives it no more credibility. I like how they said all the bottles looked similar. You think! Theres a reason for that. Clear bottles and liquids say clean and fresh. Black says oil, degreaser etc
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    What Font is this? Please

    Or american typewriter is it - but is this a wind up