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    Any ideas on how I can best re-create this Logo?

    I needs creating as flat black artwork, the printer will help you create the look
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    Clients from Hell

    I could write a book about this stuff!!
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    Do you manage print for your clients?

    yep, I manage print, press pass, check artwork, fix issues, colour correct etc hankscorpio has covered it all here!
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    Online Background Removal tool.

    wow, this looks impressive
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    Job Bags

    yeah old school wallets, no need in the digital age :)
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    What happens to artwork when design company closes?

    never even thought about this!
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    I can't design nuffin'

    looks very dated, needs a clean up
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    SHOWCASE: Web Design

    Our New Marketing Site Property Rental Website Lodge Rental Website a few our our latest ones
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    Graphics Designers: Should we know coding/web design?

    I do both, but we are only a small company and only front end stuff
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    Affinity set to rival InDesign - with their version called Publisher

    never really got on with indesign after using quark for 15 years, I kinda had to move to it because I was starting to manage younger designers, if there was an alternative I'd happy make the switch
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    The black art of image optimisation.

    fine balance between page speed and image quality, I;m sure it will be a think of the past when we get to 5678G!
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    kids menu

    an octopuss on a bar stool
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    Do you use Flash anymore?

    haha, used to use it all the time, got pretty good at it too! html5 now