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    Automatic website coding offered to designers

    Thanks Paul, This is a fair question. Our approach to the outputted code is to keep everything conforming to the expected separation of style and structure by putting all styling in CSS stylesheets. When a site is rendered, or rather when we build the cache that renders the site, we take all of...
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    Automatic website coding offered to designers

    Hi CLHB, I'm glad this sounds like it might be of interest - would be happy to give you a personal demo of the system. If you are keen PM me or contact me through Thanks, Drystan
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    Automatic website coding offered to designers

    We have created a web app for designers that allows you to automatically “build” your website as you design it. Ie you use a graphical user interface to create the layout and the pages, and then what you see is actually how the website looks, so it is very intuitive. It is live online as you...
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    Web/Graphic Design required in return for Photography/PR

    Hi Rob, You might have had your website rebuilt already since this post was a little while back, but if not, we might be interested in providing you with a website in return for use of your Photography on our example websites. We make a product called Sketchanet which is a user friendly website...
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    What you listening to at the moment?

    I recently discovered a new band called Fingathing, from Manchester. Love it, and anything with double bass in it. Listen Here Worth checking out Grooveshark too since you can listen to just about anything for free.
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    Hello from Sketchanet

    I am web developer but I work with a lot of designers, and we have created a product that might be of interest to members of this forum who design websites but usually outsource the build - Sketchanet might allow you handle the whole process yourself. Would love to hear from anyone who is at...