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    Hi mate, my guys are on shut down for summer hols! Gonna try another fella I know
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    What is your Favourite Graphics Tablet

    Can I have it then please? :)
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    Pasting into Photoshop CS6

    Yep but make sure you are pasting from the same colour mode to the same i.e cmyk to cmyk ... and I just checked and it seems to be OK again now. Yay to Adobe :)
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    Change of Career - Graphic Design Courses?

    Agreed why I said probably different for Rae who has some experience in the design field.
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    Change of Career - Graphic Design Courses?

    Not to pick on you personally but I see similar statements quite a lot and it annoys the hell out of me. You CANNOT learn design in 3months, you could probably get a lot of the software training and some basic design principles in that time but to sit down for 12 weeks on a "career change" and...
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    What's the font in the excellent "This is Water" video

    You know you could try outlining a font and applying a scribble filter and playing around a bit .....
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    What percentage do Design agencies take?

    hey? A lot more than that... I have never known a recruitment place work on less than 25%. My friend who ran one with her Mother worked on a minimum of 40%
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    What does a printer cost?

    Don't know what prices are like now but a guy I used to contract for had a Xerox Phaser (don't ask me which model lol) and he was paying about £150 a month plus a per click of 5p for A4 Colour and 1p b&w
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    Anyone able to take this job on?

    Funnily enough I could match £100...just but not worth it for the few quid I'd make. So it's a "No" from me (said in best Simon Cowell voice). If it is print only and they can stretch to £150 then I'll do it.
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    Discount Banner Printing, "incompetence" is the company motto.

    Ummm, dude, I get stickers and vinyl banners at bloody good prices, drop me an email
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    Question about Freelancing

    I mean put the ticket in with your Year End accounts as a justifiable business expense. Speak to the client and say that you will still have to invoice for the full amount, at least then if they are going to get arsey you can work out a solution beforehand rather than possibly creating a...
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    Question about Freelancing

    Obvious question is do you have a contract? If not I think you are probably stuffed for the last day. You should be able to claim the season ticket anyway because it would still be 'cheaper' than buying individual tickets. maybe speak to the client and make them aware that the full invoice...
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    What does your business card say?

    Totally Obsessed By Yoto ? :p
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    What does your business card say?

    "buy some goddam graphics and printing you motherfu...." or it might just say "freelance graphic design and print" :icon_biggrin:
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    Help! Which font is this? Any help is much appreciated :)

    The above is a good call but my gut reaction was Optima