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    In great need of a brand name for my Graphic Design business

    I'm in the same boat and I find it really difficult but then I do believe that being a Designer, a name, logo and branding are super important as that's one of the things we sell to clients. Don't forget to consider your domain name and social media handles. I found a really helpful tool when...
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    Shutter Stock Opinions?

    I have a few times but I'm not sure that you can buy them outright. The standard licence can be quite limiting depending on how you can use the image. You can opt for the extended license but I think it starts to get expensive there and you still don't have any exclusivity.
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    Is this graphic design, or what is it called? How much would this cost?

    2D character animation but as Levi says, it's an "animated illustration" so the illustration and characters would have to be made with this in mind as it would be very difficult to animate a flat image. (All the parts need to be constructed separately like limbs, head, facial expressions and so...
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    Create animated flyers

    After Effects would be the best bet.
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    I always think with Illustrator that the destination is awesome but the journey can be pretty shite. It can be quite unintuitive at times and I wish that had have taken some of the better features of Freehand when they bought out Macromedia. Freehand was a pretty awesome package in its day.
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    Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

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    It's not your website

    Mine is! It's mine and I made it for me. Everyone else can just F:censored:CK OFF!
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    Shirt Design Software

    No worries and I do hope it helps a little. I'd not heard of Browzwear before and had to Google it myself but it seems to be a 3D visualisation/mock-up tool aimed more at garment construction. As I said, you can get some really impressive t-shirt mock-ups which look like the real deal for free...
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    Shirt Design Software

    If I understand you properly you're wanting an open source design package for creating t-shirt designs? If so then you'll be best off using a vector package like Illustrator but that's pretty expensive and subscription based but there are others like Inkscape that are free. A cheaper, non...
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    Difficult client (logo design)

    Sounds like you're in one of those "I don't know what I want but I'll know when I see it" situations. This is one of the reasons that I don't tend to like designing logos these days. I started to do what sprout suggested and ask them for some examples of what they like and get them to send me...
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    Getting Mugs Printed

    I think your best bet would be to use a supplier that uses dye sublimation to apply the designs. You could create a common design and just change the name on each mug.
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    D&Ad Logo

    Might be just you and me that have got real old and cynical? ;)
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    Bonjour :)

    Neither am I and I'm a Mod. ;)
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    D&Ad Logo

    I thought it was just me. I remember reading the Creative Review and my soul used to make a little groaning noise when I'd turn the page and see another D&DA article. I think with things like this they always seem to take a confusing, avant garde approach in the same way that they do with...
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    How can I start my graphic design business

    Hey Asad, What did you do whilst working in advertising?