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    Monitor For Gaming & Graphics

    You can get a very good high quality monitor with good hz for your fast paced gaming from LG. Go onto amazon and search for LG TV's. You can get 20-30" tv's/monitors for around the budget you are after. I got a 24" LG Monitor/TV that works wonders, extremely good quality (1080p) and works great...
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    My new responsive website of doom!

    Really nice website, love the layout and animations when selection a button. You are also the first person I have seen to have the same last name as me! haha
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    Need comments on my playing card design

    Im finding it hard what you're asking, your designs are great and they can appeal to poker players and people who use playing cards. You have a great theme going on and the detail is brilliant.
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    Logo Design Opinions Please

    I like the colours used, but I first read it as "irdLife". After a couple of seconds I noticed that there was a B, but I shouldn't have to look for a couple of seconds to notice it. I think an easy change would be to angle it more vertically so it resembles a B more. If you could give us some...
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    Logo Design - Please Post Feedback.

    I mean the one without the three dots, the left hand side one if that makes it easier. As for it being simplified I mean that it seems like there is too much in the design, it seems like you dont need the grey rectangle at the bottom and also the text "Making it easy" also doesn't seem necessary.
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    Logo Design - Please Post Feedback.

    Personally I think the first design is the best, but saying that I think that it could be simplified. I like the boldness and how it stands out but I think that it could be simplified and still look bold and great.
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    Too late to become a designer?

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Logo for Air Craft

    The best are definitely the first and third design. I think the other designs are too complicated for a design. Great designs.
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    Wordpress Developer/Skin/Design

    Hi Hog, I would be interested but I will need a little more infomation such as; what functionality he wants building into the theme, as well as does he had a design already or would we need to design it for him? Thanks
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    Tshirt mock ups required

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Poster Spy Website - Feedback Wanted

    Its a really nice website, it's extremely easy to navigate and its clear and well set out. The colours used are really nice. Great website!
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    Natural Home Made Energy Bar labels. Your opinion please!

    II agree with @Paul Murray, it does look really nice and an extra +1 if your not a designer. The "Made with Love" does seem like it ruins it and I think either using a different font or at least put it in line with the the coloured bars, that might work better. Good Job with the design!
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    How much should I charge for food jar label design?

    Well the best option would be to look around and research prices for food jar labels. Then check the quantity and try get the average price and go slightly under so your more likely to get sales. Hope this helps.
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    Website/Work Critique

    Hi Jason, To say your work on your website looks so professional and modern, the website itself looks like it was made in early 2000. The colour that you have you used for your menu and UI at the bottom looks really faded and de saturated. If you do want a website designing, I work for a...
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    Works of art you won't believe AREN'T photographs

    They are amazing, I genuinely thought that some of them had to be photo's. The sheer detail of them must of taking an extremely long time. Great post!