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    Wacom Intuos Pro - Medium or large?

    I couldn't agree more! I use the smaller Intuos too and was worried that it would be too small, but it just isn't.
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    SEO monthly analysis

    I only use Google Analytics but it gives you everything you need to know. You can set up monthly reports to be emailed to you with whatever information you choose.
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    Penguin causes controversy with creepy ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ book cover

    Ah you beat me to it hank, just saw this pop up on my Google Plus feed. It seems to be causing a bit of a stir and I can see why! I much prefer the original Roald Dahl style of artwork...
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    SEO - The future

    Hard to say Rob, I don't think that even Google could answer that but I have been thinking about it as it does form a big part of my job. The first thing I have noticed is that, since the Hummingbird update, the natural search results have been somewhat "volatile" compared to the relative...
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    Business Name

    Random word... Phantasm?
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    Trouble at work

    Thanks for updating us bigdave, it's great to hear that things are on the up! This whole phase may turn out to have been a blessing in disguise ;-) As the other guys before me have said, don't worry about the CV, just go for it and show them how good you are!
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    Boner Logos

    Haha that's fantastic!
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    Last time I did market research

    I clicked the link, it said page not found
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    Trouble at work

    I hope things go OK Dave, from what I can see on here your written English is at a far higher level than the average population (just spend a few minutes on Facebook for an example of that!) For them to sack you they would need to have a "reasonable" justification to do so. So look at the errors...
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    Last time I did market research

    I agree with Paul, just something not quite right about it. Maybe if you can separate the characters from the edge of the logo but keeping the same style then it might look better?
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    Hidden meanings in 17 tech company logos

    This is a pretty cool article I stumbled upon that I thought you guys might like. See The Hidden Meanings Inside 17 Tech Company Logos | My favourite is Eighty 20 but they're all clever!
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    What is everybody's obsession with homepage slidehows?

    I think there are a lot of difficulties in the world of web design caused by several factors, there are those that know, those that don't know and those who know but don't seem to care. What I mean by all that is some people don't understand the importance of META titles and think "oh but I want...
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    What is everybody's obsession with homepage slidehows?

    A good question, I neither agree nor disagree as I think it depends on what the intention of the sliders is, for example on my site there are 3 or 4 slider images but they are nothing more than graphics, just changing images to make the home page a bit more "dynamic" than a completely frozen...
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    Wrong description on google

    Google also shows either the META description OR a section of text from the web page depending on what it decides is more relevant at the time. Some have even suggested that, as with META Keywords, there is an argument to not bother with a META description (although I'm not sure I agree with...
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    Cool Internet tricks!

    Loving the atari game in Google images