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    Does anyone use Python

    Ive recently decided to give Python a go, does anyone on here currently use it?
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    SASS is what all designers need to learn now

    I use Sass a lot, its brilliant and very poweful
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    How many words should be included in a meta name description tag?

    According to Your meta description should roughly 155 characters.
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    Will this put us out of work?

    Its the latest move towards Responsive Design. A bit like front end frameworks. I wont solve all the issue, but I could help as a starting point.
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    Using Wordpress Themes for clients

    I think you can use a theme if the client has a limited budget. But the only issue with using someone's else's theme is that you have to work with someone else's code which can lead to all kinds of issues if not careful!
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    Boost Your Keyword Ranking With these DOFOLLOW backlink list

    I would avoid this, as many have said it is very black hat territory. You will only hurt your website. Focus on a website built for users.
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    Website specifications

    It is the same with a budget. They expect an amazing website but wont pay for it. This sums it up perfectly How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell - The Oatmeal
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    Website specifications

    I find that a lot of the time, the client does not know what they want. So eventually you come up with something they like and they are all happy. The project is live, then a few months later it was not what they agreed and suddenly they hate it.
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    The Grid

    Has anyone seen this - It looks superb, totally changing the way websites are built. It would be interesting to see how its all done. But is this the future?
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    The Importance of Pricing Tables and Testimonies

    Pricing is a hard one to get right. I always base it on each project, but have a flat rate in your head. And stick to it. Pricing tables are a bad idea, as it can be off putting for some people. I would agree with what Dave said and having accreditation's is really good. Even better when they...
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    Woo commerce website

    I like WooCommerce as I too have used Magento, its too complex, requires a really good server or even a vps and the code is too bloated and the file structure is insane.
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    5 Common Mistakes that (Some) Clients and Designers Make.

    Thanks for these. They are great.
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    Interactive Coding Website

    Just thought I would post this and see if it would benefit anyone wanting to learn HTML,CSS, JQuery, Javascript, PHP or Ruby on Rails:
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    I have looked into Treehouse it is a really great platform for learning from.
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    managing client amends through a central list - online solution?

    I have used basecamp. I think its brilliant, I also use