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    HTML Help

    Hi If you add some inline javascript within you link (<a>) tag you should be fine, here's an example just change the properites to match your requirements. Rachel <a href="some.html" target="_blank" onclick=",,'height=100, width=100');return...
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    Animating CSS ul navigation with jQuery

    Hi Not sure if you still need this but here's what you're looking for: $(function() { // set opacity to nill on page load $("#menuID ul span").css("opacity","0"); // on mouse over $("#menuID ul span").hover(function () { // animate opacity to full $(this).stop().animate({...
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    Writing Content

    I always find that it's earier for a client to write copy/ provide further information if I help them visualise what the requirements are. I tend to make a start on it myself or add lorem ipsum in the places I feel text is required and then they rewrite/tweak with what's already there.
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    Web Hosting - Recommendations?

    I use dream hosting, they've recently increased their prices to 17.99 per year but you can have upto 5 domains and their client support is exceptionally good. I've used them for years.
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    Web browsers

    I tend to use Adobe Browser Labs : - it's great for seeing what your site looks like on all the major browsers - you then use conditional comments to tweak/fix/hack the css to ensure it works on all browsers.
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    Can Someone identify this font for me?

    Here's a very useful link for identifying fonts:WhatTheFont! « MyFonts
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    A total numpty

    Hi You need to look into 301 redirects and depending on your hosting setup use apache / .htaccess to add rules to forward all old pages to your new page. If you do a google search you will find everything you need. Rachel
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    Twitter - @rachelgregory84

    Twitter - @rachelgregory84
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    what size should i make my website?

    This is a really good link if you'd like to start working with fluid layouts: The 1140px Grid · Fluid down to mobile
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    Time to rebrand yourself...

    Here's a good one "Pragmatic Programmer" Pragmatic Programmer at youDevise, Ltd. - Stack Overflow Careers 2.0
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    Time to rebrand yourself...

    A little off topic but I've seen job posts around the net for designers/developers and the job title has been code ninjas and web warriors / html warriors which I thought was fantastic....
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    Not so much a crit more a cry for help...

    Maybe a source oif inspiration, I like the idea of a silhouettein a logo, it can be very effective: The Power And Simplicity Of The Silhouette In Logo Design » Logo Design » Design Festival
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    Add your Twitter name here....

    Twitter Just new to the twitter scene - any tips on how to increase your followers apart from the obvious? (Threads like this, linking social network profiles etc...) rachelgregory84
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    Bulk Re-Directs

    Hi Are you using apache? You would just set up a rule based path and the pages that fit within the parameters you set will all redirect. This link should help: Rachel
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    Newly redesigned and optimised website not ranking well in Google

    Did you use redirects on your old webpages to ensure your SEO legacy was carried across? If you didn't your new webpages are effectively starting from scratch and will need to climb up the rankings over time....