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    Get a free, automated evaluation of your site on Website Grader

    I am getting parsing errors when I go to the site - I would love to know what mine is.
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    Jpegs to pdf ebrochure

    Just wanted to say if you supply the pdf pages with design on of course :) then I can put those into indesign.
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    Jpegs to pdf ebrochure

    If you send the files over I can put them into indesign for you to make one pdf. No charge.
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    Updated website with navigation!

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the message. You are right about the pdf downloads. How do you get the work for doing the book covers? I want to come away from web design as I am enjoying the design aspect so much. I need to train myself on CSS also as I am still using tables! I re-did my site over...
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    Leaflet Logo and website logo design needed

    Hi, Have you found anyone to do the work you require yet as I would love the opportunity to quote and do the work for you. Many thanks
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    Updated website with navigation!

    The site is coming along nicely. What software are you using to bring your work up in a new window? I would like to add something like this to my site to show my work. I will also look for some ideas/templates for yours as your graphic design skills are so brilliant you need a brilliant site...
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    Updated Website - would love feedback

    Hi everyone, I have updated my graphic and web design website and would appreciate some feedback. You can find the site at: Red Apple Graphic Design - Swindon Web and Graphic Design Company - Home Page I need to add more of my portfolio and would like to use the application where you...
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    Feedback needed please!

    I agree with dot Design, they need to be more positive - perhaps something to do with their future, positive images of them graduating/holding their baby/getting married/ etc, with wording STOP and look forward to the future! great design work however.
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    A6 Landscape Voucher Books - Printer Required

    Hi Peter, Would be happy to get a quote with perforations and without, many thanks.
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    A6 Landscape Voucher Books - Printer Required

    Thanks very much Damon, have a great weekend also. Regards
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    A6 Landscape Voucher Books - Printer Required

    1/3rd of A4 - really sorry for the confusion and thanks in anticpation of your quote.
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    A6 Landscape Voucher Books - Printer Required

    Hi, Sorry I think it should be DL in size (148 mm x 105mm) as you rightly said. 16 pages please and thank you. :)
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    A6 Landscape Voucher Books - Printer Required

    Hi, I want to put out some 16 page A6 landscape voucher books with a magazine that I produce but I am having problems with getting a printer to do this. Here is what I am looking for: A6 Landscape 210mm x 99mm 115gsm self cover 4 colour Fold - Saddle Stitch - One Wire Qty: 30,000 (yes that is...
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    Feedback needed!!

    Re: Feedback Needed Hi Pete, It looks great are you going to centre it? Would look great also with something across the background, perhaps a black band behind the grey area. Red Apple x