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    Arabic Text problems

    I usually just outline the text by ‘printing’ a pdf of the email /document that I’m seeing the Arabic text in, then bring that into illustrator as paths not fonts. I think the system can’t handle it because it doesn’t understand RTL reading text (if you look closely the character order will just...
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    Printed Portfolios

    I'd say it depends on the job you're going for. If the role involves design for print it would probably help to show that you're conscious of how a nicely printed job feels, i.e Paper weights, colour, finish, etc etc. It can be a more memorable experience if you're willing to put the effort into...
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    Social (f@cking) Media

    I think the best thing to do is supply your target audience with content that is helpful / valuable to them. I don't know what your niche is but I think it's best to post text/images/videos that are educational, informative or entertaining to your ideal customer. Then every few posts you can...
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    Amazing spiral-line effect, how to?

    Hey I think something like that would be achievable with the blend tool. This vid should be a good start:
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    Rebranding famous companies

    Hey sorry I haven't checked this post for ages but glad you like the vids! I'm still going weekly so far so good!
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    Rebranding famous companies

    Cheers dude I understand what you're saying completely! I do research the project but I also make 1 episode a week, so I don't go as deep as if I was paid to actually rebrand! I learnt about the mountain and three stripes but not the continent bit so thanks that's interesting info.
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    Rebranding famous companies

    Ok thanks for the tip. Didn't mean to be spammy
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    Rebranding famous companies

    Hey, I started a new project in January this year which is rebranding famous logos and documenting the process on YouTube. It's developed into a user participation style video where I create 5 options and then we have a poll to vote for your favourite final option. It has received (mostly)...
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    Text within a letter / number

    Check out 1:30 of this video
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    Text within a letter / number

    Hmm try direct selecting the second number and cutting and pasting into place (cmd+x then cmd+f) that should break any grouping or compound masks that the numbers might share
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    Text within a letter / number

    Yep that's right, I just worded it badly!!
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    Please can someone help

    Hmm you're right, the other characters seem so perfect I'm wondering whether the Y was adapted / custom
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    what font is it?

    Actually I've just noticed that the R isn't the same I'll keep looking
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    what font is it?

    Hard to tell exactly from that pic, but BODONI might be close enough