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    help me please, Flash Contact Form

    my online portfolio is just that, a creative way to show off my work. my target audience is not the masses, its the design studio crateive director or whoever is in charge of the hiring process within the company. i can index this website in google as the flash content is embedded within a div...
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    help me please, Flash Contact Form

    need help building a flash contact form using action script 2.0, sending a e-mail within flash using php, i have tried a couple of video tutorials to build one but none seem to work. go to my portfolio website and click on the contact me title button to see what i have made so far >>>>>>>...
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    Logo Design - Feedback Wanted

    i like the new font you used, the curved edges makes it likeable. the blue background reminds me of Facebook
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    J Rabbit business card design

    thanks for the feedback, yeah i feel the design is a bit dated considering the current trend. will need to clean it up, I crated the lines in the background to add structure. why is the images i uploaded so pixelated and small ??
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    Logo design for PGD

    i would choose a different font and simplify the euro map, the colour green personally gives off the wrong impression, blue is a good corporate colour. overall looks good
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    J Rabbit business card design

    New logo and design for a sex toy company