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    Amature in need of some advice

    Hi guys, Im pretty new both to web design and the forums. So far i have only made a couple of very basic sites using dreamweaver (and i mean very basic - header, content, footer and a few links to the left) I recently decided to try putting together a gaming community, we have a few game...
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    Success Stories & Recommendations > POST IN HERE

    In response to this post > A cartoon style illustration for our gaming community The taker: Ian Ellery from Kindamagic I joined the forums looking for an illustrator to create a logo for our community website. Ian contacted me soon after my first post and provided a very impressive...
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    Basic logo for a gaming community

    Job taken, thanks to everyone who contacted me.
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    Basic logo for a gaming community

    Hi Craig, thanks the advice. As i say knowledge of graphics and illustrations is limited, so if anyone would like to give me a quote for an image of a similar quality to the one in my first post, and maybe a quote for a more basic illustration, that would be great.
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    Basic logo for a gaming community

    Hi guys, I am currently creating a website for our community and require a logo as my graphic design skills are some what limited. Im after something similar to: Extreme Sport Rooster | Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration | (but i would like something original) Dont...