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    Store Locator

    Hi, I have tried to set a store locator up and it is working however some results appear which are bogus - for instance London and Hert come back as 20 miles away from each other which I think is wrong - however here's my question - does anyone have reliable code for the longitude /...
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    Page flipping e-brochures

    Have you seen this one? Interactive Collateral Management | Zmags Hope it's what you meant :)
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    Adding alt tags to images within a javascript slideshow

    Hi, I have been working on a site and have added a javascript slideshow and now I'm wondering how to add alt tags to the images? imageArray = new Array(); imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir + "5678000-01070.jpg"); imageArray[imageNum++] = new imageItem(imageDir +...
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    Food Store/Brand Logo - thoughts?

    I like number 8 best :icon_smile:
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    Printing Invitations

    Hi Poppy Designs, I ended up using a local printer who combined my project with a job they had running using the same stock thus reducing costs. It was quite a problematic job that I regretted taking on to be honest. The quote on here of £23 is a lot cheaper than what I ended up paying so...
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    Starting own Web Design Small Business.

    Hi, I think you're thinking along the right lines, I am too thinking of setting up freelance but due to the current financial climate I am keeping my full time job on and working part time for myself as a designer. The main thing I am focusing on is having my own web portfolio up and running...
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    Where to find royalty free photos?
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    Customising Web Form Elements

    Thank you, this is very useful, I would imagine if I have the whole image as a background for the field it would work... Thanks again :icon_smile:
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    Customising Web Form Elements

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone knows how to customise html forms so that they look like "mac" type elements, I have attached an image. All that I am questioning is, would I layout the pages with css code and how would I use images, would I purchase the images (i.e. am i allowed to almost...
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    Online Proofing

    I've been looking for something like this for my workplace, we originally looked into resourcebase but this is far cheaper option (as we have a solution for image sharing too now)! Thanks for sharing....
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    How did you find us?

    I was curious when you responded to a mail from stationery direct, glad I found it though because so far it seems like a great community - I will also add a link in my signature on other forums. I've found the key success to forums is the traffic it gets, there's nothing worse than posting...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm an in-house designer by day, freelance designer by night and like having the benefits of both roles:icon_smile:
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    Need design inspiration?

    Hi, I thought i'd share this site with you all as I love it and regulary visit it for inspiration and general how-to's... I love the interviews they do too: Abduzeedo - design inspiration & tutorials
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    Who do you use for hosting?

    I recommend :icon_smile: but I've only worked on small sites so far...
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    Graphic Design Course - UK

    Hi, i'm in a similar position as yourself and i've found a course which is very specific to our job and you can either go full time for three months or part time for a year. I'm going travelling for a couple of months in Dec and thinking I might do it when I return in Feb/March, when i've been...