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    The ex-client!

    I appreciate this is an old thread... but my response would have been to say you will look in your file archives for their missing files but mention they must pay all overdue money in full within 7 days as its long overdue. They will know you're waiting to get paid before sending the files...
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    Print Resellers?

    Print resellers sell print a lot cheaper than high street printers. So, you buy print off a reseller for say £50, add what ever margin you can get away with but whilst still remaining competitive - say £30. So you then sell it to your customer for £80 and your profit is £30. Your customer might...
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    Print Resellers?

    I have clients also that talk about quality but I know at the end of the day they will always just end up going with the cheapest. Do you really think your clients could resist a punt on a cheaper printer if they spotted an attractive offer? I don't think mine would...
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    Hey Damon, Just wanted to give a shout to how much i've enjoyed reading articles on this blog...

    Hey Damon, Just wanted to give a shout to how much i've enjoyed reading articles on this blog.. I was up til 6am yesterday! Yikes..
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    Newbie...Advice please

    Just to echo Corrisive's advice as its very apt; watch out for clients who try to barter you down on price constantly (unless you think they have good reason to), or give the oldest line in the book 'if you do it for this price now, there will be plenty more of where that came from' wink wink...
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    Thoughts on Resellers buying print overseas?

    Nice advice Craig like it. Turn there strength into a weakness. Out fo interest how long does print from somewhere like Germany take to arrive? Surely, we are talking at least a week...