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    When printing text on mugs...

    Go through the options in the print dialogue box (the box that pops up where you can select paper size, print quality etc) there is an option usually on there called 'Mirror Image'. Just click that and it will automatically flip the image so when you then press the mug it will read fine.
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    IMEX Group?

    What size is that? If its A4 thats expensive, A3 then a cracking price. One of my clients used to use them about 3-4 years ago now, i know they were really happy with the service from them, only moved due to price.
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    A6 leaflets uncoated stock

    Hi, PM sent Regards Lee
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    Anyone using Free Agent accounting platform?

    Hi all, I cant recommend Kashflow (Accounting Software Website) highley enough. Low monthly fee, very easy to use and have got it integrated with Paypal, Mailchimp and HMRC for vat returns. Even my accountant said this was better than sage. Plenty of solutions out there though! Cheers Lee
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    Printing Good, Luton *** Please read before you give them work ***

    Hi Christian, Anyone is permitted to perform a credit check against a company, with or without there permission and this is legal. However to perform a consumer check against a person/individual is illegal as you have to have there permission, maybe this is where you are getting confused, but...
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    Printing Good, Luton *** Please read before you give them work ***

    Hi Peter, I signed up to Company Credit Reports | Business Credit Check with Riskdisk about 2 years ago for £250, was worth every penny. Dont hardly use it anymore as i dont offer credit accounts very much anymore. Have tried using CreditSafe but much prefer riskdisk Regards Lee
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    Printing Good, Luton *** Please read before you give them work ***

    Hi all, Just been reading through this post & became a little inquisitive (as i am) so decided to run a credit check via This is what i discovered.... Business Name: PRINTINGGOOD Address: TENBY DR, LUTON, BEDFORDSHIRE, LU4 9BL Telephone: 01582 806732 Principal Contact: MRS...
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    Where is the cheapest place to print business cards

    Hi, Gloss laminated business cards can be found here > Laminated business cards Regards Lee
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    Saxoprint...Any reviews guys?

    Hi, Personally never heard of them, having had a quick look through there website it seems like there German based, probably similar to United Print, Print Carrier etc! I see your Gloucester based, so are we :) Drop me an email to with what your after and i'll see...
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    Product Logo

    Whilst i dont necessarily agree with the original post i do find it strange that when someone posts a job on this forum, 8/10 its met with only negative comments. He's been good enough to explain what he's looking for, he's used someone from this forum before and he's told everyone his...
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    Menu Printing Quote Required

    For A3 folded menus all our prices can be found here A3 Folded Menus Ignore the fact that we've only got listed options for 1 fold or 2 folds. We wouldn't charge more for an extra fold. Samples can be requested here Request a Sample Pack Kindest Regards Lee
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    28pp Brochure Quote required

    Hi, PM sent Regards Lee
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    Printed A4 Page With Perferations

    Just picked up this one......PM sent Regards Lee