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    Finally Freelancing

    Some good advice so far. Some of the best designers do not have formal qualifications. Talent, reputation and experience go a lot further in the industry. I would definitely recommend starting slowly. A part time job will ease the stress and give you some guaranteed income. Best of...
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    Logo Ideas?

    Is there any reason why the "r" from frazer and the "k" from clark are coloured red? Some people may think it is trying to symbolise something. If you decide to use the white writing, I would advise making it darker so it attracts less attention from the name on the card.
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    The Death of the Business Card?

    Theres no beating the feel of a thick business card. Eink (electronic ink) fascinates me. I think in a decade or two it could be cheap enough to distribute animated business cards!
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    Any other good graphic design software packages?

    If you are on a seriously tight budget, it might be worth using Linux and an operating system and the GIMP as a photoshop alternative. I'm not sure about vector or DTP software though...