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    Advice required from experienced designer

    Great Big dace that was very helpful, I have decided on studying to be a motion graphic artist. I currently have a windows laptop and I believe the industry standard for this type of work is carried out on a IOS. So before I spend a £1000.00 on a Apple laptop, I want to know do most design...
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    Advice required from experienced designer

    Hi there I really hope someone can help, I am a creative doing an academic job and I just cannot anymore, so I am leaving to study something in digital design. However, I really need to know what programs I need to know, so of course the Adobe creative suit - I really like the idea of after...
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    Mens concept hi tops 2012

    HI all I just wanted to get some feedback on my hi tops i gave designed , so please let me know what you think and just be honest please ...many many thanks Peace to everyone Hi top Sneakers 2012 designed by Straydog.wmv - YouTube Green monster with - YouTube Blue - YouTube