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    NUGFX v1.3 feedback

    That is a clean looking wordpress site, one change I would make though is to add links to the slideshow on the home page. I don't know if it was me but I expected these images to be linked
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    Logo (first draft, criticism required)

    Why not try a logo with a box instead of a circle, just a suggestion more in keeping with the name or maybe even a ghost silhouette
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    New Website

    Surely you must have some control on the design to change images etc... The colour is very drab and I think you need to expand your shopping cart. Charging the same price for a letterhead and advertisements is very vague and you might find yourself working a lot of man hours for a very small...
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    Problem with apostrophe in enStep Inc fonts!

    Not the best attachment the text is too small and I cant really see anything can you post something larger :icon_wink:
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    Not a good week for venturethree.

    That could be the reason but from the article it made out that they were unhappy with it in general. Their portfolio does not appeal to me but at the end of the day it is only my opinion
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    Newbie newspaper designer requests advice

    the revised version is alot better the large image at the top is really striking and grabs your attention, also it is alot cleaner. The first looked like you were putting everything on the front page and everything was too close together. Now that everything is segregated it is easier to take...
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    Not a good week for venturethree.

    But if they did like the logo why revert back to their original?
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    Not a good week for venturethree.

    Yeah it would be good, but not if they don't like the work you do for them and end up in the media for the wrong reason.
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    Not a good week for venturethree.

    Not the greatest idea but it looks OK
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    Not a good week for venturethree.

    Even Heston Blooming what's his face could not turn them around because their food was terrible. As for the waterstone's re-branding all they did was change the font and use all lower case, and have a big "w" above it. What was the point. I have just had a look at the website of venture...
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    WTC Memorial Font?

    Yeah post something up when you are done I would love to have a look see
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    WTC Memorial Font?

    Just out of interest what are you trying to achieve?
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    Please review and give feedback

    The second design looks too cold I think you need to throw in another colour and not just shades of blue, the first design is good but I don't think the colours go well together. Have a look at Adobe Kuler it's free and you can match colours together. a lot of users have created swatches of...
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    Website in Flash

    It's a sad state of affairs when you are clicking the last option in an age group???