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    Movies Thread

    Oh, you're in for a treat! Mel Brooks and Leslie Nielsen in one film.
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    Movies Thread

    Make it a Naked Gun marathon! Or, if you want to go Leslie Nielsen, do 'Spy Hard' or 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It'.
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    Please critique my fitness website

    Yes, most of the images on the homepage don't load for me. Just checked again, seems to be a Firefox issue. Chrome loads them without a problem.
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    Movies Thread

    Robin Hood - Men in Tights The Naked Gun
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    Please critique my fitness website

    Just tested it again. Still no images. I don't know what could be the reason for that.
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    It's not mine!

    I'm blind! I'M BLIND!
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    Movies Thread

    I tried to watch the Irishman on Netflix but fell asleep in the middle. Pro tip: Don't try to watch a 3.5 hour movie on New Year's Day. I recently watched the new Star Wars movie, it's ok but not great. 6/10 but fills an afternoon.
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    Please critique my fitness website

    The images don't load for me, so that's not good. I think you header image could look better/more professional. Generally I think the design could be a bit more refined to look more professional. I would also up the font size of the blog posts, finding it a bit hard to read. And I agree with...
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    Wolf sports logo design & golden ratio

    The Firefox logo was also my first thought.
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    Social (f@cking) Media

    I think having a social media presence can be a good investment. I have gotten job offers through Twitter before. For me, the key is to not let it take over. I automate most of my social sharing via This has cut down my social media time to about an hour per month to fill...
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    please help me improve my site

    This sounds like solid advice.
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    please help me improve my site

    I actually like the general look and I think you can make it work, however, I agree with my predecessors that right now it is too unstructured and unfocused.
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    Copyright issue?

    Somehow, this is the first thing that I thought of:
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    Wordpress Hosting Advice

    Agree, no need for anything fancy like managed hosting for this kind of thing. Here are a few options to choose from, many of which offer one-click install for WordPress:
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    New Font for myself

    I am aware that it has other meanings elsewhere. However, as a German, I can tell you that a lot of people in central Europe only have one single association with it. In addition, at least in my country, it is forbidden by law to show the swastika in any sort of way. They even censor it. I can...