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    Designing for large format print

    I would have to agree, distance should decide resolution. If you look at billboard closely you can see just how crude the resolution is/
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    Need Your Help Guys!

    I think certain advertising can be indirectly aimed at children but really when something is meant for children its usually more about product placement. For example in petrol stations, they dont have sweets at the counters just to use that space you know, same with supermarkets, having sweets...
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    Print Business Marketing

    Theres lots of methods to improve the optimization of your screen printing site. Yes you can use SEO as long as your people know what they are doing this should give you what youre looking for. Other than that AdWords isnt to be scoffed at, most new accounts are given £50 free adwords credit to...
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    Screen printing

    A lot of people I know do screen printing in their homes as an on the side business and it seems to work out okay as long as you have the space and some decent equipment, what sort of gear do you want to use?