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    Need help with a logo.

    Well as scotty said trying some color would help with the starkness :). Also the writing look off balance too heave low down may be your kerning font size or something ( Also as scotty said. ) I read that you chose the font for press reasons thats understandable but the main vector element is...
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    Review of Logo Design- Would love your take on it

    For me the bubbles need some work not to overlap or maybe even touch other letters the s looks like it isnt part of the soda word when i read it. It could be that j or the a but it seems isolated. Just from a branding perspective have you though about the relative sizing of the two word one...
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    Logo feedback please

    This logo is saying nothing to me in terms of fitness, well-being or anything like that, aside from that . Even if you had the perfect tagline it would be destroyed by the mismatch on fonts. Its just difficult to read as a logo in general even it you were doing a Disney logo :) Ironically...
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    Idiot proof web development - your advice please!

    Hmm its unfortunate that things are this way but if somebody wants to attain something over the internet bad enough they will find a way, it is inevitable. Fortunately most of these Hackers, content stealers ect ect are very lazy and dont want to go to effort to get your content. For this...
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    Idiot proof web development - your advice please!

    Argg tried to edit it , look if its working how you intend and you are getting the traffic you want , the exposure , and all of those things why change something that isnt broken right? . In any case i think im going into worst case scenarios here.
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    Idiot proof web development - your advice please!

    OK i followed the link you posted and from there i can easily download all of your music without buying your cd .... this is what i was referring to with the images. If you have sorted that out thats great i am just going on the link you posted. If you look at the bottom of the second image in...
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    Idiot proof web development - your advice please!

    Sorry but i have something else t add was actually listening to your songs and started tinkering,,,, please review these two images i think you need to sort this out before anything else. Once op has confirmed reading this could a moderator please delete this post as i dont want people taking...
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    Idiot proof web development - your advice please!

    Hey im a guitar player myself , been for over a decade so i really like what you do , anyway on to the topic at hand. You are correct there are many do it yourself website builders that are emerging. However from marketing and seo perspective , thiese build it yourself sites can be a huge...
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    Designer's Exploitation

    U know Big Dave i agree fully with what you say , you will find however as i have. That some companies/ businesses specifically look for student designers and emply them on whats called a flexi time base, basically a temporary contract , and because they are students still they will take...
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    Designer's Exploitation

    Well with websited its easy as you make sure you stay in control with logins and kill scripts until paid. Logo design i usually request 50% deposit from a client and then when i present draft i try do it in person. However if i have to email its watermarkd and a low quality..... Despite all this...
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    Finding out where your site ranks

    Given that google records a history of a browser and changes your serp results on that , it changes on your proximity ( yes even for organic results ) and that google also traces an ip ( this can be your own or a tools proxy ) that is constantly checking your site , it does whats called Google...
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    How can I measure the distance between three objects so distance is equal between all of them?

    use a radius on each point of the same size where the circles cross is you point of equal distance. ( we use this in mechanical drawing all the time. )
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    How to Design Responsive Website

    Im afraid to ask do you know what css is ? Start with css and media queries , i think its where we all started, or if you want to skip the knowledge use bootstrap framework.Google W3 schools about bootstrap columns , rows
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    The black art of image optimisation.

    Im also a tiny png guy , it does well enough for png files but i find with jpegs it comes short since googel page speed will always still suggest more compression. I have yet to find a all in one AUTO solution for , serving a scaled image , thats compressed lossless. I dont use Word Press i gave...
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    Seeking feedback for indie dev company logo

    I agree if you scale any of thiese down its going to be a mess, all very busy logos. I would lose the lightbulb and go with "the thinker pose" and a cabin just two flat vectors without too much detail and negative space. Perhaps the thinker sitting in front of the cabin.