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    wordpress help

    basically a client rang me up panicing last week about there website and said that they need it doing a.s.a.p. I said yes at the time as they're a good client but it's too bloody stressful for me and I've got other projects that need work on. So I could do with getting intouch with someone to...
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    what software do you use.....

    and do you pay for it? Basically im on Adobe CC and it aint cheap!!!!! been costing me £50 a month. Only got it as seemed best thing to do, I do have CS6 but its pirated. So who pays for there software? im thinking of going back to CS6 as its a pain in the arse, especailly since adobe have...
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    Feedback / Critique / Suggestions - Please

    I'd look at combing the S with an 8 and the o with a 0. Could make for an interesting logo type
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    Would this be a good idea...?

    Basically it's to help you market and sell yourself better. To clients so there more likely to sign on the dotted line and also you'll get more genuine clients that will be your main stream off work.
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    New Website Now Live

    Hi Glen Love the site! my only thing is its abit grey colour wise apart from that its awesome. You got some nice work on there too!
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    Receiving money in Pakistan?

    western union?
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    One off poster prints

    give instant print ago. Good value for money and excellent customer service!!! Had some flyers done by them and a few were messed up on the laminate - sent them pics etc and I had another 500 devliered in 3days They're also doing me some posters for an exhibition at West Studios :D
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    The Illustration Thread

    different piece of work and i couldn't be arse to host it lol
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    Working as a freelance for UK from abroad

    Think you pay the taxes where you company is registered. Just look at apple and Amazon for tax dodging help lol
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    The Illustration Thread

    messed around with some tippex / and some black card to do my version of a day of the dead - Suger skull
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    Need logo for new skate brand

    It's cool with a 'K' these days Jimlad
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    Online brochure

    Wasn't sure where to put this as its kind of print based but also web. Has anyone ever dealt with an online brochure that's used instead of a website? I've got a proposal from the council I'm working on and they've asked for one but surely a website would be better? Purely becaus of seo. I'm...
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    Presenting Work to Clients

    I tend to present it on tiny napkins lol
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    Going Crazy!!!

    only thing that put me off sqaure space was a friend who's SEO sent me this Think i might do the square space thing though seems like it's the best option at the moment and less hassle