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    27" imac sloooooow, graphics?

    I know I'm digging up a relatively old thread, but I just wanted to state that we have new 27" iMacs at our work which are slow. But it turns out it's a network issue and our predominantly PC driven business doesn't care for us. 27" is far too big for me, I can see 4pt type from 3 miles away...
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    Advice on logo animation

    I'd echo the above. Either Photoshop animation (or Imageready if you're using an older version i.e CS2 & before) for a basic animation. Or Flash which can be a bit tedious, although there is a program called Flash Catalist which apparently makes it easier for dummies like me, and could actually...
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    Laws of Graphic Design

    I laughed at each one, because they're all true.:icon_biggrin:
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    25 HD Wallpapers

    Loving the pool balls.:icon_biggrin:
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    Illustrator - weaved effect?

    There's about a million ways to do that particular shape, the knife tool mentioned above being one. If you look at the shape, it's actually only 3 lines. So in this particular case, you could get away with drawing the top 'eye shape', using the pen tool. Then, change the stroke weight to...
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    3D Design

    We had a wallpaper design for Paul Smith a while back which used a very sharp red and dense cyan to achieve the 3D result. But I couldn't begin to tell you what rules to apply for achieving it. It was simply a case of trial and error. But the wallies at our end didn't take into account that...
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    Got a reminder email today, so thought I'd give it a bash. Pardon the shoddy blog:
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    Job Advice!

    Perhaps the most important bit above actually. If you can't make a decent cuppa, you'll leave a bitter taste in their mouth.
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    This Might be tricky

    Also, just a suggestion, but you might want to draw the head and the body as separate elements too. I say this because, if you drew the entire outline of the bird, you're then left to draw the swirly neck, which would end up being an unattached line which may cause irregularities when it comes...
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    Apple Ipad - So what do we think?

    It's official, Apple have overtaken Microsoft as the largest tech company: Telegraph. I saw some weird looking clothes with pouches to fit the i-pad today, they've gotta be a joke surely? iClothing
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    Eurostile... Naff or not?

    BigDave has answered my silly question. Ignore me.
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    Eurostile... Naff or not?

    Your version of eurostile looks a bit squarer/squished, is that the standard version? It's a clean looking font, I've just never taken to the squared areas of rounded letters, the lower case D and the O for example.
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    confused newbie

    In theory, you could get away with just photoshop. But in reality, you'll need to learn both Illustrator and InDesign, as they're actually key in this industry. Many printers will ask for either an InDesign file or Illustrator (if it's not quark). Some will say a TIFF will suffice, but you're...
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    Illustrator - Clone Objects along a Path?

    It is indeedy. There are in fact a number of ways to do what you're asking. I personally would take your spiral (provided it is a vector) and make it a brush. So wherever you draw with the pen, your spiral will form a trail. To do this, highlight your entire spiral, go to the brushes palette...
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    Photoshop logo to vector

    I know you said you want to convert to vector. But which tool did you use to draw it in photoshop? if you used the pen tool, then you should have the shape layers still in tact , in which case you can still move it to illustrator in vector format.