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    Need critique for Marketing Agency Website

    Nothing changed from the last "design" dude, same group of template put together! There is nothing to comment about honestly.
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    Best free Mock Up websites? This is a good one
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    Problem with Illustrator!

    Hey guys, as you can tell from the title, I got a problem with illustrator. I can't move objects with the arrow keys. I restarted it, turned off the computer, but nothing. I can move objects exclusively with the mouse, tried with other programs like photoshop, indesign and they seems to work, so...
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    What are your thoughts?

    Alright guys here's the changes made from the last time. What do you guys think?
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    Advice and Help about a logo This might help you, check it out. Try to keep it simple, there is to much going on, work with simple forms, geometrics!!
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    What are your thoughts?

    So for the font the customer already chose his favorite between this. So for the CMA he choose the bottom left in the first pic and for the prestige the bottom right in the second pic
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    What are your thoughts?

    Hi guys, so I was asked to do a logo for a car shop called cma prestige, I did many sketches but this are the final 5 that made the cut, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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    Bass Drum Design for Personal Drum Kit

    You did good for not being a graphic designer. I think those irregular circles at the end of the lines should be regular circles tho. Just an advise!
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    website design without code

    I took the same path that you want to take, and Im doing so far so good. I was just a graphic designer and when it comes to web designing, I didn't have any knowledge, but I started doing some basic course on html and css. I suggest you to use wordpress cause I started with that, not much coding...
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    Logo design delivery service

    Thanks everyone! Took note of everything you said!
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    Logo design delivery service

    Good evening everybody. Just finished designing a logo for a delivery service and wanted an honest opinion about it thank you in advance!!
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    Others Thoughts!

    Is there something you would change about it or something i could've done better?
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    Others Thoughts!

    Yes, He loved it!
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    Others Thoughts!

    Hi I want a honest opinion about this from actual Graphic Designers Cause the I did this for liked it and a graphic designer opinion is different from the client so... Here it is!