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    Moo Cards

    Sorry, I don't get quite what you mean. Building relationships with suppliers is key in this business. Over the years I have worked in design, and the various suppliers I have used in that time, when I need a 'favour' they are happy to help - it just proves the old saying, "Its not what...
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    Adding a custom RSS feed to your website

    Thanks CraftyGeek, PHP isn't my strongest skill to be honest, but I will have a look through it. Is there a slightly simpler method? :) Thanks, Mark
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    Apple Ipad - So what do we think?

    Love solitaire on it :) Very flashy, total fad if you ask me, just a big iPhone (was Mr Jobs watching Trigger Happy TV when he dreamt this one up, but of course left the phone useful function off!!!)
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    What it's like to own an Apple product

    Excellent, totally agree. Shame on you Apple :(
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    Can anyone suggest some similar fonts to this one?

    Try this Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name Sometimes it can throw up a near match, good luck.
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    Adding a custom RSS feed to your website

    Just was wondering if anyone had a quick 'how to' on adding an RSS feed to a website. I understand that styling ti can do done via css, but actually generating the code is something that has got be stumped. I have trawled the web and found various services (including Google Reader) that will...
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    Logo Refresh - Critical Analysis Request

    They are all pretty good, but to be honest without understanding your brief apart from the medical equipment for developing worlds we have no idea of judging it against your final goal. It seems to be that loads of people just bash up logos to look pretty - without really visualising the...
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    Moo Cards

    Well if you were gonna to run like 20,000 business cards yeah a litho printer would be best, but for a couple of hundred, a digital printer (especially if you built up a relationship with them) would do the trick!
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    Logo Critique Needed Please

    Hi there, I prefer you first version - love the simplicity :) I agreed the text needs to be alot larger, for me sticking with a serif font is in keeping with the whole crest/badge idea - but make sure you use a font with chunky serifs, so that when scaled down doesn't bleed together. To...
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    Evolve Gamer Crtique

    Great logo, naff business card mate! Sorry! I would not use the italics, and just stick with the book/regular font. Plus don't just centre everything, if you wanted to be really flashy try getting the first 'E' die cut?
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    PDF Crit

    Hi there mate, In whole your portfolio looks really good, some really nice bits in there. However I would condense it by half so it is only 10 pages, the reason for this is two fold... 1) It will reduce the file size, but I wouldn't worry about this too much as most design agencies are...
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    leaflet design

    Well, I think you can improve this alot (sorry). If as someone else mentioned these are 2x different leaflets for different market - I think you need to make that clearer as I guess the services are different. Plus you could consider making the leaflet doubled sided giving you more room to...
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    Moo Cards

    A client of mine used then for both business cards and the smaller mini cards - quality was really good, but I think for bigger quantities try talking nicely to a digital printer who will give you the same quality and maybe more scope for things like special finishes / die cuts etc.
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    Wondering if you guys could help me out - designer in need.

    I would always be careful with these sort of things and normally if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!! As Spark Creative mentioned as a Student you can pick up the Student Edition of most software and there are loads of discounts out there for you guys (I wish I was a student again!).
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    All done and dusted, I did think of including what I had for breakfast but thought then again no! :)