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    Freelancing Advice needed!

    Avoiding subscription networking groups; instead do what is fun.
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    Paper air fresheners for cars

    What volume, gsm, micron and dimensions?
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    Studying Graphic Design Abroad.. Help!

    I completed the undergrad / masters route. Best to have solid work experience under your belt first; will add real value at Masters level. Masters will teach you approaches, help you manage better, look at projects from different angles, more rigorous etc. Really does add value. Need to think -...
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    Research Project Logo - Please Critique :)

    Nice logo, like it. Magnifying glass (as others have said) is subtle. Has a hit of Hammer and Sickle. Does the title need to be capitalised?
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    Sacked from Graphic Design job in probation period - can anyone offer advice?

    As Paul says, tell the truth. A web of lies is not the best route to a new career. If I found out you'd lied I would sack you. Dishonesty in business is dispicable. You need to work professionaly and to a strict morale code; if you do not, you should not be in business. The clue is that you...
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    I would be concerned. Open question - Are you using someone elses property for the commercial gain of your business?
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    Does this look like what it's supposed to?

    No R W or butterfly I can see. Soz.
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    Help! Font identify ~>.<~

    Hoefler. Do I still win the £5 Woolworths token?
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    Anyone here use an agent for freelance work?

    Have been approached in the past, generally promises without substance. "I'm very well linked" etc. May have been somewhat superseded by online work sourcing routes eg PeoplePerHour, etc.
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    Not being paid for my work (Sort - of)

    Thoughts: Learn lessons. No contract? No t&c? Sounds like you were excited about the project and dived in. Why did you not negotiate and agree. Again, learn a (hopefully not expensive) lesson. It doesn't sound like the contract was comprehensive. Write, rewrite and rewrite again you terms...
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    What kind of Banner designs work for SMM?

    Social media is an infinite world. Think about the characteristics and interests of your profiled target client and work backward. Design with the target profile in mind.
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    I need advice

    Approach the reviewers and ask to sit with them so that you can understand the skills and results they advise you are lacking. Make it clear you are not making a further approach, rather that you are genuinely trying to understand your gaps in order to have a route forward. If you don't ask...
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    Fitness logo help please

    I'd never be sucked into the whole brand obsession / worship scenario. Except for Land Rover, Jaguar, Thomas Pink, Camper, Breitling, Berghaus, Samsonite, Swissgear, David Lynch Coffee, Heron Published books, et al. Actually, having read my first sentence, ignore this post!
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    In-house Graphic Design Management

    Can work both ways. If a brief has been drafted first, the client will have considered requirements and been through a process of reflection on the desired outcome, this expedites the process by avoiding the preliminary stage of "I've got a few ideas". The client has put those ideas through the...
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    In-house Graphic Design Management

    Two edged sword, good approach to processes but you need to maintain a level of flexibility. Sticking to a schedule needs flex where the project and external project pressures change. Go for the process described, educate your clients and the process will become smoother and more professional...