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    Competitions for Artists

    True, however this board has many Illustrators (myself included) and character design is very important to Illustrators. I guess many of the graphic design people here won't care for it and I do see your point. Whilst not winning any maltesers, I've gotten quite a few commissions from people...
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    Illustrations for All Purposes

    Freelance Illustrator based in UK now available for work. Specializes in creating imaginative and whimsical imagery for all purposes. Please see my online Portfolio: Can offer very good competitive rates. Realistically I'm looking to be hired for on-going...
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    Competitions for Artists

    Thanks for your replies! Yeah this thread was directed at those who are using Social Media to try and get their names out there. That's great that you won Scotty, you're right about it being good motivation for creating designs. You also learn a lot about your audience. Thank you for your...
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    Competitions for Artists

    I'm a newbie when it comes to sharing my work online with strangers, but I've started entering a few competitions and would like to share some of them with you because they are really fun! It might help to get some of your work out there, and who knows, you might even win :) It would be cool if...
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    Ideas on creating 3D work whilst maintaining my Illustrative style?

    I really want to have an art stall at a craft fair or market, as there are plenty near my area, and would like to add some 3D pieces to my stock. However they need to be not too costly to make, not too big, and in the same style of my 2D pieces. Does any one have any ideas for some 3D products...
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    SHOWCASE: Sketches, Doodles & Illustrations

    Here's some pet portraits I've made in the past. I don't do these any more as they were exhausting me and they take an insane amount of time. It was taking me weeks to finish just one alongside my day job. So I stopped altogether! Just wanted to show some off for the fun of it.
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    Feedback on my Illustrative Style?

    Hey guys, I would love to hear your opinions on some of my work. My style is whimsical and upbeat, it is heavily inspired by life and nature. I've posted an image here for you to critique, please see my facebook page for more samples of my work: My aim is to start...
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    Finding Freelance Work

    That is a good point. I live in a small town where I'm very well known, so asking cafes/newsagents/pubs to just have some flyers for me wasn't an issue (most pubs here have flyers advertising all kinds of things.) OP: If you have already done some freelancing, get some good reviews to show...
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    Finding Freelance Work

    For graphic design it doesn’t hurt to print out a few flyers/business cards and advertise yourself in that manner, as well as online. Many people have neglected this method but I found it very useful after graduating from University. I was reached out to by social clubs, sports events, and local...
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    My Pen & Ink Drawing

    Your work is fantastic! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the most basic of medium if you have passion and patience. I bet you could easily sell some of your work, or even framed prints of the originals!
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    Life Balance Calendar Design

    I really love the idea and think whilst it may not be everyone’s tastes there is definitely a market for it. The design is very professional and just looking at the bottles makes you feel quite relaxed and mellow. I feel it will make a good gift for the right person - it’s just making sure the...
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    Selling my Whimsical Artwork + Giveaways and Competitions

    I’ve recently opened an Etsy store to sell some of my work. They are whimsical illustrations inspired by life and nature, which will hopefully bring a smile to your face! Etsy: And here is a link to my Facebook where I will be posting future promotions...
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    Hello Creative Heroes!

    Thank you so much! Sorry about the duplicate threat, my laptop isn’t great so sometimes I think something hasn’t loaded when it has, will try to be more careful in future and give it plenty of time! Thank you for the advice, I do have an Etsy Shop: I didn’t want...
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    Hello Creative Heroes!

    Hello everyone :) I'm a freelance Illustrator based in the UK. For a long time I've been taking on personal commissions, alongside working a busy 40 hour customer service position which is steadily draining the life from me. I'm quite shy and introverted by nature, and therefore it's taken a...
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    I've recently started to promote my illustrations online. Please take a look if you have the...

    I've recently started to promote my illustrations online. Please take a look if you have the time: (alternatively, just type mikomiji into the facebook search bar) Any likes, comments, and shares are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!