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    Printing options?

    Great, thanks for the replies!
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    Printing options?

    I don't know all that much about a lot of printing processes so I'm wondering, how easy would it to be to print onto a phone case. Something like a hard plastic iPhone case? Would any printing company be able to do this or would it require some kind specialist technique? I'm sure somebody knows...
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    html/css learning resources?

    Im looking to learn how to build websites and i really cant get my head around any of the coding stuff. Back in school i built a few websites but this was through the design view in dreamweaver and they were never that great. I'd really like to learn how to code sites properly but after...
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    Freelance Logo project, how to prevent client from printing draft examples.

    Yup watermark it :icon_wink: however you send it there is always a way to lift it but there isnt much they can do if its watermarked unless they're a pro on photoshop which im guessing they arent.
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    Your Graphic Design Experience!

    As it stands they haven't replied to you so the worst they can really do is say no and theres no harm done. Its easy to ignore an email or mail but if you get through to them on the phone they have to hear you out and if you play it right you should get a positive response even if its just a...