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    I’m Stuck

    It certainly wont help with that image, but if you had a graphic (ie not photo) of the font then a good site is WhatTheFont! « MyFonts
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    Choosing a Monitor

    LED Monitors? Is anyone using any of the LED monitors?
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    Insurance for a freelancer

    Try It's kind of a go-compare for business insurance, and is a good place to start. :icon_thumbup:
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    How many hours a day?

    Ok, here's my dilema... I have an ongoing client that I have worked for, for the best part of 5 -6 years producing a bi-monthly magazine for (ranging from 36 -104pages - tabloid size) and one annual (currently working on this years just now, 160 pages + covers - A4 full colour). However I just...
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    Customer owe you money?

    Bookmarked Boss, Ta for that. I hope I never need it, but it's handy to have there in the bookmarks just incase :icon_wink:
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    What's the best monitor for print?

    I am currently using a relatively crappy LG (MG203WA), I calibrate with a Spyder2. This is only until I can order a new one - currently looking at the BenQ LED ones - BenQ United Kingdom - Computing But no matter how well your (the designer's) monitor is set up, if you send a PDF through to...
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    Symmetry Business Marketing Website Design

    Iam not usually a fan of Large font sizes on sites, but that really works well. Nice one, well done, I am sure the client will love it.
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    Google's logo

    And the same to you too! :icon_lol:
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    Oh dear

    Aww jayyyssuss!, :icon_lol: Have fun with that one Boss! Don't ya just love 'em (punters) at times :icon_cursing::icon_lol:
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    Taxi Advertising Visual help...

    Sorry, didnt mean that to sound to sarcastic, having a bad day with some CSS. Try getting an image with not soo much reflection on the cab.. or use a polarizing filter to help cut the reflection down - it will make your photoshop work so much easier. EXAMPLE HERE PS, I am guessing that's...
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    More CSS Problems...

    All now sorted! Thanks for all the help, could've done it without ya!
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    Taxi Advertising Visual help...

    Take the illustrator file, export/save as EPS the one showing the same side. Open the photographic image in photoshop, and place the eps over it in a new layer... there's your starting point. If they really want to impress the client... get a better photograph of a taxi to use.
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    Taxi Advertising Visual help...

    Peter, what are the graphics that are to go on to the image/taxi?? is it solid colours or just text as per your example? I think if it was me, I would start of by looking through the image libraries for a suitable image to work on, one such search on turned up these options...
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    Padraic, it certainly sounds like you have an excellent spot there, and one that would be ideal for something such as a franchise. Providing there's not too much competition in the surrounding areas, then I would say go for it, but perhaps one idea would be to try and contact...
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    Hey Padraic, welcome to the forum. Where abouts in Ireland are you ? I am originally from Belfast, but moved to Scotland last year. A few things to consider before thinking if something like an expensive franchise is right for you... where are you based small town or large city? what is the...