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    Starting out as a Graphic Designer

    I don't think I've had to use that word in years.
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    Starting out as a Graphic Designer

    @scotty "When I was at collage Mac's came along but we were marked down for using them in out final pieces as they thought they were a bit of a gimmick and considered it cheating." I got the opposite when I was doing my degree, we had a project in typography and it was to show hierarchy in a...
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    Any good documentaries ?

    I googled "documentaries based around product design" and this appeared. Might not cover everything you're looking for but it does look like an interesting article. The Netflix show especially.
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    Working Digitally - Help Please

    I've started using illustrator on the Cintiq and I find it works quite nicely, easier to create looser styles than with a mouse. I've also been using this bit of software a lot more recently too. It even has fills that look like Letratone!
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    Is there an alternative to UTC for Windows?

    I think you'll be hard pushed to find a free alternative. The last company I was at trialled a couple of font management systems (none free unfortunately) and it came down to the extensis software as the best option. There were bugs and from the parts I was involved with it can be quite a...
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    Kunt Free Font

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    Graphics tablet!

    I got the wacom cintiq 24HD about 4 years ago, a very nice piece of kit which I have been using a lot more recently. I did go through a stage initially of wondering whether I should have spent the £1600 on it or not. Now I'm glad I did. I've used Wacom products for around 20 years and generally...
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    Mac mini 2018 for designers?

    As bigdave says go with a Mac Pro, enough power to handle your needs and still be able to connect to your Eizo. Rumours of a new Mac Pro on the horizon.
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    Affinity PUBLISHER Beta is HERE

    Seems quite smooth on first impressions. Once it's released into the wild as a full app I think I'll be buying a copy.
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    My Pen & Ink Drawing

    Lovely work!
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    Which camera brand is the best?

    I've got a Nikon D7200, love it to bits. Previously had a D80, also a very good camera. Prior to these the Olympus E20 and a 35mm Pentax P30 back in 1985.