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    What Sort of Music Do You Listen To?

    Wow, thanks for the detail and sharing these with us. I'll try to listen and see if my tastes match yours. cheers, Lucy
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    Hi there

    Thanks Tony, I thanked your post on the cheap logos feature just now. I'm enjoying being on the Site, it seems a supportive Community. Lucy
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    New Infographic - 150 Years of the England Football Kit

    Hi, thanks for asking. At the moment, I am focusing on writing for the blog at Doxdirect, you can read some of my posts here: We have a business orientated infographic on the blog called "An Ode to Doxdirect". It's a bit of light hearted fun. Personally, I like to...
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    Logo required

    Thanks for the link Tony, an excellent article. I particularly like : Ask yourself the following questions about the submitted designs: How many of the logos make a great first impression? Can you describe any of them? If you had to draw one in 5 seconds, could you? Are they...
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    Self Branding Redesign opinions

    Hi, I like your improvements to the logo! I don't think St Helens is too similar at all. St Helens reminds me of a School logo... I would choose your improved logo version, well done
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    What Sort of Music Do You Listen To?

    Anyone listen to classical? I was listening to Mahler on the way into work today!
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    New Infographic - 150 Years of the England Football Kit

    Nice detail, obviously a lot of research has gone into this. It would be good to share around the time of a large football event. Bright, colourful and eye-catching everything an infographic needs. Food for thought about the growing use of infographics on the net for visual generations!
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    Hi there

    Hi thanks for asking. I would still continue with my blog writing, who knows what the internet will be like by then? I love writing as all things design and printing. I also love giving advice and so setting up my own blog would be the first step on the ladder for me; maybe I can be a...
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    Logo required

    As mentioned above, the internet is all about branding. Investing in your identity from the very start will pay for itself over and over again. That said, you may find a very talented graphic design student who can achieve a similar quality for a fractional cost!
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    Quality backlinks

    Hi there, it's all about branding in 2014! Branding is now King. However, one of the best link building strategy lists can be found on a blog, I recall it's called Point Blank SEO. Hope this helps. In fact, this reference is a good example of creating something that is worth linking to and...
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    My 1-1 Web Design Lessons

    I would have to agree, it sounds like Wordpress is the best option for you, for the above reasons. The plugins are a breeze to use and mostly free as well. For blogging, it can't be beaten. If you're planning to be a coder you need to learn HTML and CSS from scratch as it will be really...
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    Brand Personality!!

    On this thread, I would say this is the best description of a brand's personality for me. It's a concept rather than a concrete reality. An abstract noun like love, you know it but can't adequately put it into a box by describing it. Colours, symbols, style and context yes, but above all, I...
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    Hi there

    Hi there, I thought I would post on this Introductions thread as I am relatively new here but I'm also really enjoying my time on this forum. My name is Lucy George and I live near London. I work in the area of design and printing which is fortunate for me as it's a passion of mine. It's also...
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    UK Counties posters

    Yes, I checked back today to see if there were any updates. How are you getting on?
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    I want your brutal, honest opinion on this logo asap!

    Hi I have to agree with Fruitbat above. The 2 new logos are an improvement which shows there is still a lot more work to be done. Why use the word talk? What about awareness? That's what the Charity is trying to raise. The purple softens the logo and makes it more accessible. Lipoedema Awareness...