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    Business Card Crit

    UV spot varnish can really make a business card, but it is subtle. I found colour behind it makes the most of it, also keep in mind the varnish does spread and will fill in finer bits.
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    Logo needed

    punky monkey We're interested! Come and look at our portfolio to see if you like our style. :icon_smile:
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    Printing JPG?

    300dpi jpg in CMYK colour is fine for print. If the image is a graphic image and in RGB, stay well away from the printer converting the colours, some colours can turn to sludge, a real shocker if you are looking for perfection.
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    Old face with a brand new site..

    I'll have a look into that :icon_smile:
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    Old face with a brand new site..

    ^ That may be, but any input is good input! @Dave L: the information is there for people who have doubts. you don't read it if you're not interested. Do hear you though... Edit: @garlex: All the information in one place. we're an internet service not a full blown design agency
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    Old face with a brand new site..

    The copy is a bit fluffy around the edges, this is why we have this website critique so I can get some feedback from real people who use the site. "For the business who want the works" is I'll agree, an awful sentence and I'll attempt to find something else to fit in there. Anything else...
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    Old face with a brand new site..

    Well hello again! For the last few months I've been totally wrapped up in other projects within LogoPro so I've been pretty quiet on here recently. I hope you're all well! :icon_smile: Just thought I might show the fruits of our labour over the time I've spent away. LogoPro has had a...
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    Government to enforce plain tobacco packaging?

    Like I said before, the trick to this is to try and prevent the number of people taking up the habit. I don't believe the packaging makes any difference to the initial problem, only to the brand chosen once their choice has been made. Dave L is right. I would still buy them if they were called...
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    Government to enforce plain tobacco packaging?

    Acknowledged. I also have no answer for your question as to why people get hooked in the first place, I dont know. I'll stand by my first reply - you're heavy handed approach would lead nowhere other than a lot of angry people. I have also had several family members perish from smoking...
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    Government to enforce plain tobacco packaging?

    @kovah ~ I think you're forgetting that quite a hefty percentage of people smoke. Heavy handed tactics such as these will do NOTHING for society. For instance: doubling the price for a quarter of the amount will just anger a lot of people who don't have much money in the first place (you're...
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    graphic design questionnaire - business reasons

    :icon_notworthy: Perfect! :icon_thumbup:
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    Magazine design

    I'd say do it! You'd hope that she would realise when she was struggling to get one published in time that actually "he was really good to me....I guess you do get what you pay for" and come crawling back. If not: well she's probably a client that wasn't worth the headache anyway. Back on...
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    A Future In Graphic Design

    Most places that you enquire will ask you for your token piece of paper showing that you can actually practice what you preach.
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    Thanks for sharing this with us :) great idea and a nice design to boot. What I would like to see added though is a 3 step breaking down of the charts at the end - where you can hover for the "slice" or click for the whole "pie" I would like to be able to see percentages :) I know you...
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    Naming your MENUS

    the trade off in building a one off menu system SEO-wise is simple. 1. if people don't instantly see what they're looking for then they'll hit the back button quicker than you can say "un-ordered list" 2. if you SEO your menu (and it works) then you've got many more people that come to your...