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    Wanted Flash Animator

    Hi all I really need a good Flash animator and as I had such a good response last time I posted on here for a developer I thought I would ask all you again. So does anybody know of a good freelance flash animator? I have a client who wants 4 flash animations creating that are based loosely...
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    WANTED: Creative Web programmer(s)

    Hi Guys Sorry if this post is in the wrong place as this is a bit of a strange request really. :icon_wink: I have recently made the jump and set up on my own. As predominantly a print designer, art director my web knowledge is ok but not exhaustive. Throughout my career I have designed for web...
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    What to do with an illustrator?

    WOW she is good! Her work is varied which is an asset to her. My advice would be to do as the others have said is to go freelance with a portfolio website that showcases her talents. I am all for illustrators I think they make some of the best Graphic Designers as their work is always so...
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    Any interview tips? Please...

    Heidi Just be yourself and be HONEST. Arrogance is an interview killer so don't make out you can do more than you can, but at the same time don't under sell yourself! Tell your interviewees how you are eager to learn and develop in what is obviously a growing company. Don't rush your answers...
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    I really like the idea (one of those I wish I had thought of that moments! haha). I would deffinatly use it, if it was free but if I had to pay then I would just use this forum instead. I have signed up for your sight as I really love to look at others designers work and from a freelance point...
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    As a designer how much would you charge for these flyers/posters?

    A lot of work has gone into these I would say at least 2-3 hours. Personally I would charge between £110-£150 for each poster as they are completely unique and of a very high creative quality.
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    Will I ever work again? :o/

    Hi Rachael Get your portfolio together and start knocking on some doors. I am a studio manager for a large graphic design agency based in the north and we get in undated with work placement students of which we offer as many as possible a placement mostly are third year graduates thinking that...
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    Freelance Graphic Designer

    Hi Jo I agree! Very talented love your logo work, its good to see something original.
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    Page numbers in Indesign cs3

    Hi Tom I had the same problem and I posted in the same forum! Link below and the answer that I was also given: "Make sure that your master page numbering isn't applied to any pages that will be...
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    Content Management Systems and Pricing

    Not as much as you have suggested. He is charging £1000 but and this is the big BUT he wants me to buy him the software for the shopping cart element AND for me to do everything else i.e design, CSS etc. All he has to do is add the 'shopping' element to the CMS that I create and supply to...
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    need help with this poster size!

    Generally Indesign is thought to be the industry standard when it comes to publication print like posters, leaflets etc. Using illustrator is not as uncommon but is mainly used for creating vectors for use in Indesign and most commonly for logos. I think it is defiantly worth you spending...
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    need help with this poster size!

    I would suggest you take your artwork into Indesign and export it as a high resolution pdf with the settings attached or you can add crop marks to you illustrator document and supply your printer with this along with any fonts that you have used (unless you convert them all to outlines). Just...
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    Content Management Systems and Pricing

    14 Pages including all the privacy policy information etc Functionality wise other than it being CMS and the normal ecommerce shopping carts and such like nothing? I have been searching the old interweb and found this site which you can buy the software from to create the ecommerce elements...
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    I Got It!

    Well done laura!!
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    Content Management Systems and Pricing

    I have been asked by a new client to design and create a CMS based E-commerce site. I have a freelance programmer that I use for normal CMS and I have approached him to do the programming on this particular job. The only thing is the price he has given me I feel is rather pricey especially as I...