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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    tweeted!! Twitter / RSVP Bespoke: A great prize for designer ...
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    Anyone do diecutting?

    Hi all, Bit of a personal jobby for me for my upcoming wedding. I have a template for a gift box that I need diecutting. The templates maximum dimensions are 300 mm x 530 mm and I need 75 cutting. I will supply the 280gsm card Many thanks Laura :)
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    Cheap Design Programs???

    Not sure that Adobe differentiate between college and university students, but uni discount reduces the price down to £420 average for CS4 master! bargain!
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    Cheap Design Programs???

    Student copies, but obviously you need to be in education or have a friend in education to buy it for you. Or trial copies to get you started! Apart from that I don't think there any cheap ways to get Adobe. I personally wouldn't trust the likes of eBay as my Father got ripped off recently...
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    Designing for you or designing for a client??

    No I'm the same, I think its much more common than you think. I just find when I'm set a project I hvae to do a lot more research and that makes for a much better end product! Where as if I'm designing for myself I often start in the middle of the design process and end up going back on...
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    Change of career to graphic design

    Hi Shane, Without wanting to dampen your spirits I absolutely have to agree with everyone else. Stick with the day job and perhaps pursue GD as a hobby. It will take years of practice to get up to a standard where you could consider it a career change, unless of course you have a talent? Are...
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    Want to create a website for my company. Need Help!!!

    I recently got stung by an awkward customer who decided that after numerous rounds of concepts and 5 revisions they wanted to withdraw from the design process as they felt it wasn't progressing. It made me change my business practice and I now take deposits before any work begins. What...
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    Portfolio (Is it good enough)

    I think that you should start displaying your work as soon as you have something to show! Whether thats one piece or 10 pieces of work, your best and only piece of work might be just what someone is looking for in a designer. There's no shame in being a newbie in the industry so share your...
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    Project management software

    Any recommendations? I have 2 designers joining the team and I'm looking for some easy to use project management software. I was looking at using Project 360, but it has failed on me twice in 12 hours! Not a good start hey! Ideally looking for a web based one Thanks Laura
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    Deli Logo Design

    love it! subtle and stylish. Think the colours are great too, nicely done. Is the sign being wrote in metal?
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    website crit please folks

    Yeah I've got year 3 at uni, can't wait to be finished now! You going for an agency job?
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    website crit please folks

    that is nice :) I've got enough work over the next month to last me all summer (paywise) but not got anything lined up after that. guess thats the scary bit hey, not knowing where the next work is coming from! are you studying in autumn or not?
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    Graphic Design Student Seeking Advice

    hey auntie p! How did your 2nd year go? looking forward to finals? Laura
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    website crit please folks

    ta curtis :) will do. hows things with you??
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    website crit please folks

    Hey all! Web is not my strongest skill, but have just finished putting this together and yes the table format has gotta go! just was the quickest way of getting it up and online There are a couple of bits that I can't get to work like a few of the hover buttons on the left menu. Really weird, I...