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    Critique for a web design based app

    I'm on a Mac too, so I think we're seeing the same thing. I guess it's because it's the system font that I naturally associate it with being very basic. I also wonder whether the text might just be a bit too big as well. It kind of detracts from the overall feel, like it's dumbed down. I also...
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    Yellow Cat Design Website Critique

    Nice one. Sounds like Divi do put a lot of work in to be fair. Nothing wrong with the company name either. I love it. Big fan of memorable and fun names like that for a creative business. Incidentally, you could possibly offer logo design as a service offering on your website. I can't be the...
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    Still running Photoshop 6 . . . but will upgrading OS render it unusable?

    DreamWeaver is still going? For real?
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    Please Help Me Identify This Font

    Subaccuz Light looks the closest match but it's definitely not the same. Do love that myfonts site though!
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    Logo design help - Florals and embellishments?

    My apologies. I'm new! But yea, good value designers can be found if you know where to look
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    Yellow Cat Design Website Critique

    As others have said, you're never going to ace the Core Web Vitals using Divi. I've seen better results reported using Elementor instead but ultimately the less you rely on third party page builders and other plugins the more control...
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    Critique for a web design based app

    First up, the font is horrible. Second, it's not obvious that hovering over the Steps will immediately change the graphic to the right, which is a bit jarring when it happens. Could this not be a simple animation, cycling through the steps?
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    Twitter ghost traffic

    So, out of interest, where do TAP ads appear that regular ads don't?
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    Logo design help - Florals and embellishments?

    Absolutely this. You can actually find very capable designers on the internet if you do your research. Just make sure you're very specific with your brief