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    Looking For T-Shirt Printers

    One of our clients could definitely help try Personalised promotional merchandise, business gifts & customised clothing - SVC Creative.
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    Single page websites

    I would nearly always recommend multiple page sites, firstly to organise the information in an appropriate and easy to navigate way, but secondly to help with SEO as larger sites tend to perform better in search engines.
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    Need to be able to get emails @ work @ home and on Iphone

    This is possible, but how you set it up depends on your mail system, I'm assuming it's POP based in which case the instructions someone else provided alreayd are correct. If you had an Exchange server then you can configure it to wotk using your outlook web access address and login details, but...
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    Need a Web Designer Oxfordshire/ Berkshire area

    Would love to help, what would you like to know from us?
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    Windows 7 Pre-Order

    Also worth noting if you're buying a PC with Vista now (or soon can't remember precise date), Microsoft will automatically allow you to upgrade to Windows 7 when it's available.
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    CMS advice....

    Depends really on how technical you are, but to be honest it's probably easier to outsource, we sometimes white label for other designers, so feel free to give us a shout if you need any help.
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    Company Name/Logo... Need Help

    Like the name, agree with some other comments, you need to get some experience and qualifications. However that's not to stop you having a play around, just be careful not to come across as an expert or offer services that you really shouldn't be charging for without any experience, as it will...
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    Making an E-Commerce site

    We typically use either Oscommerce or Zen Cart, you can install and use their standard out of the box templates, but to be honest it's very easy to spot when someone has done this and in my view it doesn't look very professional, we tend to customise with our own graphics, but it is a bit more...
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    Starting own Web Design Small Business.

    Go for it, I think may of us started off in the same way, I would second someone elses comments though about not giving away sites or charging too little, simply charge the right amount, otherwise you devalue your work, and we all know referrals grow business, if you customer base refers you to...
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    Newbie Alert! - I need help!

    What help precisely are you after, happy to offer some FREE advice, as that's what a forum like this is all about, but if you're after someone to do the work for you, I agree within everyone else £30.00 is very unrealistic. Also you need to have a serious think about what you want to achieve...
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    e commerce

    We tend to use Oscommerce, found it to be very good so far.
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    Link Exchange

    Out of interest how does everyone else go about building one way links? Link exchanges are easier, but as everyone has correctly highlighted carry far less weight. I tend to submit articles, add sites to directories (not convinced this is particularly worthwhile anymore), blog etc... However...
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    SEO Advice

    I think £500 for SEO on top of the site development is a bit steep, we do the basics of SEO within the site development as standard, as in my opinion it's good practice. I would also question or ask them to quantify what they are doing for you to justify £100 per month. To bes honest as...
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    What Google Services do you use more often?

    I use pretty much all those tools. I've recently been doing a lot of work with google apps as well and found it to be a fantastic solution!
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    Twitter has SEO Value...

    I must admit, I've not used Twitter yet, I keep meaning to set aside some time to research it. So what SEO benefits does it deliver. Does it help with backwards links in anway?