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    Adobe Font Folio 11.1

    Hi Just wondering what is the best font collection to Purchase. I have been looking at Adobe Font Folio 11.1 for a new start up. Is there any any cheaper alternatives, instead of paying out 3K. I want I good collection for typography work and logo design work.
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    Going it alone

    Thanks Paul, for your advice. Your link was useful.
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    Going it alone

    Thanks for your response, was useful. I agree, I need to look more into a system to manage my work for invoicing and payment.
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    Going it alone

    Hi there, I am new to this forum. I am looking for some advice. I came out of good graphic design course a few years back. I enjoy graphic design, but I think there has been too a big gap between my last job and getting full time employment within this sector. So I think its time to go it...