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    I Got It!

    Congratulations Laura... Well done!
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    Do I need a business name or shall I use my name?

    I also agree that you should use a business name which will be your company's trademark... Changing name from a personal name to business name would not be good especially if you have already established a good reputation. IMO, a business name has more impact for establishing a name in business...
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    Micro-Blogging and Nofollow on SEO

    Just wanted to share this one. Found it interesting to read.. SEOmoz | Nofollow is Dying: The Impact of Micro-Blogging and Nofollow on SEO
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    Being a Guest Blogger

    Have you tried to be a guest blogger? Do you find it effective for your link building and online promotion?
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    Twitter has SEO Value...

    I have recently joined in Twitter but I'm not that active on this.
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    Google Search Wiki

    Source: Do you use this service from Google?
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    Backlink Checker Tool

    Nice stuff. For checking backlinks, I usually use
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    Google Insights for Search

    This is really a useful tool since it lets you compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.
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    Google Insights for Search

    Have you tried using this tool from Google? See how it works and how it can help you: How can I use Google Insights for Search? - Google Insights for Search Help Center
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    Google’s Search Engine Optimisation Guide

    Nice stuff. That's really an interesting resource to read.
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    Christmas & New Year Holidays

    24th and 25th of December and 31st of Dec and Jan 1st will be our days off, but between these holidays we need to work.
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    Link Exchange

    Search engines give more weigh or importance on one way links, so I think they are the best. To increase your site's page rank, you must get backlinks from relevant sites that have high page rank.
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    Google Page Rank Increase?

    My site has no changes on its page rank. You can also use this tool for checking fake page rank: - Check your PageRank, detect Fake PR, Alexa Rank and Backlinks
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    Being Number 1 in SERP

    I think if your site is placed in top 1 ranking, it has also many disadvantages. One of them is your site is prone to duplicate content since more people could copy your site's content. There will be also some competitors who will try to use your site's techniques just to let you down.. So...
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    What Google Services do you use more often?

    I think most of us are attached to the services of google especially those who are working for the site's link building and promotions... Here are some Google services that I often use: Gmail Google Analytics Google Search Checking Serp in Google Google Docs Google Toolbar Google...